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6:2 - in advantage “ an United Russia “

In Sunday along with the presidential have passed also elections in eight municipalities UrFo. As well as it was predicted, the victory in the majority of cities was gained by representatives “ an United Russia “. Only in two cities of Sverdlovsk area, Pervouralsk and Krasnoufimske, United Russia party members did not manage to defend mayor armchairs. United Russia party members have already promised “ to understand a situation “. By estimations of the observers, the hard-fought battle for a mayor armchair was developed in Ekaterinburg where 5 persons applied for a city post of the head - the operating mayor Arcady Chernetsky supported “ an United Russia “ the general director of Fund of reconstruction and development of Ekaterinburg “ My city “ Alexey Esaulkov, deputies Ekaterinburg gordumy Nafik Famiev and Oleg Habibullin, and also the representative from LDPR Victor Ufimtsev. On the one hand, the result of elections of the mayor of sensations has not brought - a victory mister Chernetsky (supervises over a city since 1992) has gained, typed 54 % of voices. With another - has surprised observers result of the ardent political opponent of mister Chernetsky Oleg Habibullina for which 23, 4 % of voters have voted. Mister Habibullin „“ admitted conversation with the correspondent that counted on 35 % of voices. “ but nevertheless, considering that to me did not allow to spend normally election campaign - did not show pre-election rollers, removed propaganda materials from billboards and extensions, my result is not absolutely bad “ - mister Habibullin marks. Political scientists agree that mister Habibullin who actually was the unique opponent of authorities in power, could apply on bolshee - at least 30 %. But, as the director of Institute of system political researches and humanitarian projects Anatoly Gagarin has noted, has put not so much in an administrative resource, how many in absence of an accurate political strategy. As an example observers result election campaign little-known Alexey Esaulkova`s wide public (mister Gagarin, under data „“, was its political adviser), become famous for scandalous rollers in which has been used “ Putin`s plan “ („“ in detail wrote about it in ¹027 from February, 19th, 2008). As a result candidate Esaulkov has received 9, 4 % of voices. “ it (to Alexey Esaulkovu - „“) simply did not have time: the result could be more “ - mister Gagarin considers. Outsiders of present campaign became Victor Ufimtsev - 6, 9 % and Nafik Famiev - 2, 8 % of voices.

in capital HMAO Hanty - Mansijske, unlike Ekaterinburg, campaign has passed without special scandals. Let`s remind that elections of the mayor here passed ahead of schedule as in November, 2007 former mayor Valery Sudejkin has resigned with the official formulation “ from - for health deterioration “ (shortly before it concerning the mayor criminal case upon excess of powers of office) has been brought. Right after dismissals of mister Sudejkina in political circles Hunts - Mansijska expected that promotion of the son of governor HMAO of Alexander Filipenko Vasily which now heads a city thought becomes an intrigue of the last elections. But it has not occurred. On elections stood the head of department of capital construction of government HMAO Andrey Bukarinov who has been put forward “ an United Russia “ and two self-promoted workers - Alexander Pulinovich and Oleg Dejneka. However, after announcement of results of voting (Andrey Bukarinov has typed 82, 53 % of voices) without scandals all - taki has not managed. The editor-in-chief Hunts - the Mansijsky edition “ Gorpress “ Alexander Pulinovich who has shown the second result (9, 84 %), has declared intention to appeal against against campaign results. “ only by our observers during elections the three persons buying voices at voters in favour of mister Bukarinova have been detained. Besides, we suspect that there were facts of “dump“ of bulletins in voting boxes. After all even according to official figures in urns it has appeared on 50 bulletins more than it has been handed out to voters “ - mister Pulinovich has told.

But nevertheless the most unexpected result is fixed in two Sverdlovsk cities of Pervouralsks and Krasnoufimske where United Russia party members were won by self-promoted workers. So, in Pervouralsk operating mayor Vitaly Woolf (supervised over a city eight years since 2000) on one thousand voices was bypassed by the director of the passenger autoenterprise of Pervouralsk Maxim Fedorov for whom 32, 25 % of voters have voted. According to the director of the Ural institute of an applied policy and Andrey Kuznetsova`s economy, the choice pervouraltsev was affected by a high antirating of mister Woolf. According to political scientists, it makes about 70 %. “ This city problem enough, and directly before elections in it sharply there are questions of comfortable residing - various transport and environmental problems. It, I think, and has affected voters “ - mister Kuznetsov marks. In Krasnoufimske, experts consider interrogated „“, there was a next castling between operating mayor Vladimir Malakhov (27, 16 % of voices) and eks - mayor Alexander Staheevym (51, 04 % of voices) which here already some terms struggle for a mayor armchair with variable success. According to mister Kuznetsova, already each of candidates headed a city, but longer one term anybody from them did not manage to stay in power. In “ an United Russia “ Consider that loss of their promoted workers is connected with work in pre-election race of candidates. “ anyway, it for us very serious signal, and we with it will understand “ - the member of presidium of regional political council " has declared „“; an United Russia “ the leader of fraction of United Russia party members in regional Duma Anatoly Maltsev.

Igor Lesovsky, Alexander Lakedemonsky

Who else became the mayor In elections of the head of Kushvinsky city district (Sverdlovsk area) a victory has gained the candidate from “ an United Russia “ Galina Nikitin who has typed 49, 5 % of voices. Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk area) was won by operating mayor Vyacheslav Brozovsky (79, 6 % of voices), standing from “ an United Russia “. In Art Insky city district also the victory was gained by the candidate - United Russia party member Alexey Konstantinov (48, 9 % of voices). In Kamensk - Uralsk 64, 9 % of voices were received by United Russia party member Michael Astakhov.