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the Governor should not agree with the mayor

At night with 2 for March, 3rd the chairman gordumy - United Russia party member Sergey Koliuh, according to preliminary data, selected the mayor of Voronezh, has given the first and exclusive interview . Mister Koliuh has declared that first of all should generate a command and introduce in a city an order. However, any concrete surnames the new mayor yet did not name. - what first steps as the mayor you will undertake?

- I Will begin, of course, with a command. Basically it already exists. Though definitively to generate it it is uneasy. To be the professional and the good person a little. It is necessary, that your nominee was entered in collective, in operating structure of a city administration. It should be comfortable both to the person, and all collective in whom he works. That it perceived, that he perceived people, that it was convenient to it to work with them that it could be realised on a maximum. The opinion of collective should be considered. The most important thing - work on the end result on each of the chosen directions. The second. I will try to introduce an elementary order in a city. Till now officials actually were engaged tekuchkoj. The trouble has happened - work. Is not present - do not work. In summary - continuous mess and unsystematic character.

- whom from present structure of administration will leave?

- I will especially underline that the professional to be a little., whether the person of housing and communal services knows or it was the director of transport agency, of course, important. But main - its ability to work on prospect. We take a post of the head of department of municipal services. The official not only should know, what pipes to put, but to have programs of development of the concrete direction, business - the plan, to participate in federal programs, to use new approaches in management sphere. As a matter of fact, to be engaged in creativity. And tekuchkoj start up committees are engaged. After all if the person of level zamglavy cities sweeps streets, we with such approach never will make the regional centre pure.

I do not argue that in a city administration there are normal professionals by whom all do competently. There are those people who could not open itself to the full, realise. But I need time to be defined, who will leave also who remains.

- As you intend to struggle with corruption?

- If the system of activity of the mayoralty will be initially under construction on an openness and a transparency, about any corruption basically there can not be a speech. Bribes to a city, well you will not make. If the companies - investors come to Voronezh to earn money - start up earn. It anybody will not disturb, if, of course, the firm in a civilised way works, pays taxes, creates workplaces. I was passed on all our factories - earths some of them cannot issue. And any head respecting to the official will not incur a bribe. Or you think, what, say, the general director of aircraft factory Michael Shushpanov in the mayoralty will incur money? Yes never!

- And how you are going to build your policy in relation to the strategic municipal enterprises of a city?

- My position is that. At first it is necessary to deduce the enterprises, for example MUP the Water canal of Voronezh from bankruptcy procedure. After all the organisation which is in a stage of competitive manufacture, practically costs nothing. The city from its activity receives nothing, any profit. Therefore the enterprise to begin with is required to be improved, and already then to make any decisions on aktsionirovaniju or rent.

it is possible to involve the private investor in different forms. For example, in case of creation of open joint-stock company of investments it is more, but risk above. Also do not forget, it is necessary to be assured of reliability of the investor. If the company - profile, all is good. But what will occur, if the strategic enterprise will be received by the investor who never in branch worked? Therefore anyway it is required to organise investment competition when the program of the company which have shown interest to an active, in detail undersigns on years. I think to create at goradministratsii advisory council from class experts, which would decide what to do with that or other enterprise. Professionals who, by the way, can and not work in the mayoralty are required. Salaries in city administration low, many class experts on such money will not go.

however the company interested in development of this or that direction of business, anyway it is impossible to push away. Means of the municipal budget, obviously, will not suffice on that we could update independently electric transport or construct musoropererabatyvajushchy factory. Therefore the investment needs to involve, but - it is competent.

- Sergey Mihajlovich, and that you intend to do in a case with MUP Voronezhgorelektroset ?

- On Gorelektroseti I keep the position and to begin with I am going to return in Open Society treasury the Voronezh network company . The network property is not necessary for the marketing company - it should belong to a city, instead of MUPu, and then, probably, will be leased. I was in the middle of 90 - h years in Sweden. Privatisations of the enterprise similar to ours, there went two years. But the municipality had a clear reasonable scheme - that will receive a city, how many will appear workplaces, ecological actions will be how much financed. Should not be how was at us, - gave the company to firm which three days from the moment of registration, and then tried to resell it. MUP Voronezhgorelektroset it is necessary to divide into two enterprises. MUPami they will be or Open Society, I yet do not know. But precisely it is required to lease property.

anyway it is necessary to study pluses and minuses of all variants. A main point - operation of networks. After all at us substations are overloaded. New houses are connected to old communications. As a result, as networks do not maintain loading, substations beats out. And consequently me, certainly, expansion of a network economy that should be necessarily guaranteed the investor interests.

- till now gorduma and did not start general plan consideration. Whether it is necessary to confirm the developed document or it should be altered?

- the General plan is, of course, necessary. But business not only in it. There is at us an old practicable plan. And today, when on a school place put inhabited boxes, absence of the document is guilty not. In a city it elementary also is regularly broken, we go against specifications and common sense. And besides the general plan it is necessary to confirm ten standard documents. The transport scheme, building rules... So work is.

- in local political circles prospects of change of the governor are discussed. Whether there can be a situation, what you cannot agree with the new head of area? After all powers operating - Vladimir Kulakova - soon expire

- the Governor with the mayor should not agree. They need to work simply. And if the mayor perfectly carries out the duties, it should be pleasant to the governor. A problem at us one, by and large. If in a city all is good, it is good also to the population. Where you saw the governor who does not want that it had an order in the regional centre? Who does not wish to work how Yury Luzhkov or Aman Tuleyev? Or the same Belgorod governor Evgenie Savchenko? Personal ambitions under no circumstances should not interfere with working process. Only if the person is not capable to work, games of politics, podsidki and podkovernaja struggle begin.

- We have endured uneasy election campaign. Were used dirty PR - technologies, buying up of voices practised. What your estimation of what we observed?

- To us the heaviest and long elections have stood out. We have worried at once two campaigns. At first chose the State Duma, now - the president and the mayor. Also dirty technologies were valid many. Muck and dirty tricks against me it was used so many that I about them even do not want to remember. Candidates and staffs simply scoffed at people. But the most insulting that our law-enforcement system appears not till the end of effective in struggle against harm, generating sensation of impunity. And impunity gives rise bolshy to a lawlessness. Here one of these days to regional opera and ballet theatre people with bouquets - and ostensibly under my invitation to performance have gathered. People, can, for ten years were not at theatre, they so were glad. And them have deceived. Simply in soul have spat. From here we also have a protest electorate.

- according to independent experts, during election campaign all candidates for mayors have spent 1,7 - 1,9 mlrd roubles. And favourites of race - not less than on 300 - 500 million roubles. You have serious debts before sponsors?

- Is not present, at me no financial obligations are present.

- Considering, what you have influence on deputies gordumy who becomes your successor on a post of the chairman - vitse - speaker Leonid Zenishchev or deputy Vadim Kletsov? Whom take in assistants, including in the first?

- Leonid Zenishchev will not be on all of 100 %. Want trust, want - is not present, but I promised till now to nobody to any post. Neither the chairman Voronezh gordumy, nor the assistants.

interview took Konstantin Chaplin