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The speaker leaves in executive power

According to preliminary data, a victory on elections of the mayor of Voronezh, taken place on Sunday, the speaker gordumy Sergey Koliuh has gained. It has typed 31,08 % of voices that has allowed it to come off considerably the basic competitors - deputies gordumy Galinas Kudrjavtsevoj and Victor Vitinika (16,14 % and 13,83 %). According to observers, with a victory of the speaker in region influence of the deputy of the State Duma, the leader regotdelenija " has amplified; an United Russia “ Alexander Sysoyev and oslabli positions of governor Vladimir Kulakova which on the eve of March, 2nd has scarified programs of all candidates. In municipal electoral committee have informed that for the speaker gordumy Sergey Koliuha, the promoted worker “ an United Russia “ 31,08 %, or 148 thousand voters, for deputies gordumy Galina Kudryavtsev and Victor Vitinika - 16,14 % and 13,83 %, for the head of Kashirsky area Yury Matveeva - 10,52 % have voted. Communist Andrey Pomerantsev has typed 6,67 %, and operating mayor Boris Skrynnikov - 5,86 %. Other seven applicants have not held on and to 5 %. The appearance has made 58 %.

Favourites of race have declared that are dissatisfied with a voting outcome. At night Victor Vitinik has called an emergency briefing on which declared mass payoff of voters and falsifications. “ our staff did not expect that on March, 2nd there will be a present lawlessness, impudent and open buying up of voices. And to tell the truth, my observers did not cope with those signals which arrived from places. To provide Sergey Koliuha`s victory, the population bribed money, vodka, foodstuff. And in Shilovo to youth distributed syringes “ - mister Vitinik has informed, without having excluded that will appeal against against results of elections in court. Under its statement, a part of the facts testifying to infringements, zadokumentirovana a staff. And on buying up of voices propagandists of the speaker in Left-bank and Kominternovsky areas are ostensibly detained.

the deputy gordumy Galina Kudryavtsev too has declared falsifications and buying up of voices, truth, has noticed that is not going to challenge results of elections. “ when people sold voices, they too made a choice “ - Kudryavtsev`s madam has explained the position, having added that with Sergey Koliuha`s election expects serious shifts in a city administration. Under its forecasts, the operating head of a justice of the Central area and the old colleague of mister Koliuha Alexey Kotenko becomes the first vitse - the mayor.

In Andrey Pomerantseva`s staff in night of counting of votes of falsification were the most mentioned theme. As the communist, it together with party fellows " has told; it was first lost where to go “ to stop the infringements fixed by observers from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Most frequent of them mister Pomerantsev named vbrosy at once several tens the bulletins which have been preliminary taken out by blank voters. According to the communist, at attempt to prevent such infringement on a site in sports palace “ Anniversary “ the militia has detained, and then has beaten its observer. But most the egregious example, according to Andrey Pomerantseva, has occurred in suburban Maslovka. There the deputy of regional Duma, the co-ordinator regotdelenija LDPR Sergey Zhuravlyov ostensibly bought up voices in favour of mister Koliuha at local ulichkomov.

the Candidate for mayors Andrey Zotkin, come to congratulate Sergey Koliuha on a victory, in night of voting recognised that has helped the speaker to become successful. During campaign he had legal proceedings with deputy Vitinikom, distracting attention of its staff from actions of the main contender.

already at a yesterday`s briefing the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Sysoyev has tried to protect Sergey Koliuha from attacks from the former competitors. He has declared that regotdelenie “ an United Russia “ incurs responsibility for its activity, and the municipal electoral committee has not revealed gross infringements on elections.

for “ an United Russia “ Voronezh always was a problem city. In 2004 the former head of Kominternovsky area Ivan Obraztsov, the protege “ an United Russia “ and governor Vladimir Kulakova, has lost elections of the mayor to oppositionist Boris Skrynnikovu. The doctor of political sciences Dmitry Nechaev is assured that the victory of speaker Sergey Koliuha will strengthen in region influence of the leader regotdelenija Alexander Sysoyev`s parties. “ in last two - three weeks Sysoyev personally supervised staff activity, and now we observe occurrence of a serious tandem „Koliuh - Sysoyev“ which taking into account possible resignation of the governor can lead to situation in the region change “ - the analyst has noted.

With the thesis about strengthening of positions of the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Sysoyev political adviser Alexander Kosyrev agrees also. In its opinion, “ campaign of Koliuha unlike its many competitors has been constructed competently, and the same Vitinik, trying to play a protest field, could not select a voice of nuclear electorate Kudrjavtsevoj “.

At the same time Dmitry Nechaev has not excluded that governor Vladimir Kulakov indirectly tried nedopustit strengthenings of influence of mister Sysoyev as and a number of applicants in mayors - vitse - the speaker gordumy Alexander Zhukov has not urged to descend from a pre-election distance, the head of Kashirsky area Yury Matveeva and the head of regional licence chamber Arcady Mozhaitova. And on the eve of March, 2nd it has scarified on air of one of TV channels of all candidates in the mayor, having occupied thus “ not absolutely adequate position “ and actually separated from the official promoted worker of the party in power. According to experts, mister Koliuh in a role of the applicant for an armchair of the mayor initially did not suit the governor as leans on odious in the opinion of a management of area group of the businessmen which bright representative is vitse - the speaker gordumy Leonid Zenishchev.

Vsevolod Injutin, Konstantin Chaplin

the COUNTERPROPAGANDA AGGRAVATION On the eve of elections of the mayor of Voronezh on a city have been extended leaflets of two types which contained the data discrediting a number of candidates. In the first, “ a conscience Voice “ (100 thousand copies), in particular, affirmed that Sergey Koliuh together with three deputies gordumy - businessmen Sergey Kudryavtsev, Leonid Zenishchevym and Vadim Kletsovym - ostensibly are “ criminal oligarchs “. According to a source in power structures, the customer “ conscience Voices “ One of assistants to the deputy of regional Duma, the Hero of Russia Yury Anokhin who has publicly declared support on elections of the deputy gordumy Victor Vitinika could act. However, mister Anokhin denies participation in a leaflet of or the assistants. The second leaflet with the name “ Coast “ has been scattered on a city past Friday. The propaganda material containing four strips, executed in stylistics of the municipal newspaper “ Coast “ has been printed by circulation in 450 thousand copies. Its materials contained the slanderous information on activity of four candidates - except Victor Vitinika and Sergey Koliuha, in negative light were mentioned Boris Skrynnikov and Galina Kudryavtsev. Police officers managed to detain the car with distributors of production. One of arrested persons admitted that is the employee of a staff of the head of Kashirsky area of Yury Matveeva. “ a conscience Voice “ and “ Coast “ Steels not the first products black PR - the technologies, extended during campaign. Earlier on mail boxes of townspeople ostensibly on behalf of Boris Skrynnikova leaflet MART2 executed in stylistics of cellular operator Tele2, with a damaging evidence to competitors of the mayor, counterfeit number of the newspaper " has been scattered; the Version “ with attacks to Victor Vitinika, a leaflet “ the Voronezh observer “ against Galina Kudrjavtsevoj, the newspaper “ the Voronezh express train “ with an appeal to Boris Skrynnikovu “ Return the stolen! “