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“ Gazprom “ has separated from aerated water

Sale Borjomi in Russia it is forbidden two years, but the international holding IDS Borjomi Group letting out her has managed to return on the Russian market. As it became known „“, the group has got almost 100 % of the Lipetsk manufacturer of mineral water of Open Company “ the L Edelweiss “ at structures “ Gazprom “. Analysts estimate an active in $25 - 30 million Taking into account the water imported IDS from Ukraine, the group share in the Russian market after the transaction will increase approximately to 7 % - two years ago IDS Borjomi Group occupied 13 %. That the international holding IDS Borjomi Group now is the owner of 99,99 % of Open Company “ the L Edelweiss “ has told a source in gas monopoly. As he said, the parties have agreed about the transaction in December, 2006, and since January 2007 - go IDS began to operate “ the Edelweiss “. “ the Transaction have closed in the end of December of last year when has taken place last tranche in active payment “ - confirms a source. In a press - Open Society service “ Gazprom “ have informed that “ the L Edelweiss “ has been sold the companies “ finora Ltd. Marketing “ and the auctions spent “ Ah Si Em Finans “. Zamgendirektora “ Ah Si Em Finans “ Elena Koltsov has confirmed the transaction fact, but has refused any comments in its occasion.

chairman of board of directors IDS Borjomi Group Vladimir Ashurov past Friday has confirmed that the holding owns “ the L Edelweiss “. “ the Lipetsk active was interesting to us, as its market share in is central - chernozemnyh regions of Russia made 30 - 35 %. From the moment of acquisition we managed to make from stagnirujushchej the regional company of one of the most fast-growing Russian manufacturers from market shares only in the Moscow region where its production practically has not been presented, about 7 % “ - mister Ashurov has noted. Difficult structure of the transaction a source in “ Gazprom “ has explained presence at the Lipetsk company of several owners. According to EGRJUL, till 2007 besides “ mostransgaza “ shareholders “ the L Edelweiss “ were Open Company “ megaprom - Invest “ and Open Company “ the Prana “ owning on 0,01 %. “ megaprom - Invest “ - one more branch “ Gazprom “ has explained a source. And “ the Prana “ - the company which participated in sale of actives of YUKOS: the legal address (Big Post, 34, p. 12), OGRN and an INN of firms completely coincide.

how many IDS Borjomi Group has paid for Open Company “ the L Edelweiss “ does not reveal. In November, 2006 “ Gazprom “ declared company sale at open auction with the starting price of $7,9 million, but the auctions have not taken place. The senior analyst of investment company “ AntantaPioglobal “ Andrey Verholantsev has estimated an active in $25 - 35 million According to the general director “ the L Edelweiss “ Lyudmilas Holchenkovoj, past year at the enterprise the new line on 1,2 thousand six-litre bottles at an o`clock with volume of investments of an order of 6 million roubles has been started. Madam Holchenkova has noticed that IDS Borjomi Group plans to increase manufacture, on what intend to spend $10 million for two years. The holding has already transferred “ to the L Edelweiss “ the production technology of water of the first category.

Open Company “ the L Edelweiss “ it has been created in 1997. The basic brands - “ the Edelweiss “ “ Lipetsk “ and “ Edel Akva “. Has three industrial rulers - capacity 7,5 and 16,9 thousand polutoralitrovyh bottles at o`clock, and also 1,2 thousand - six-litre. The gain in 2007 has made 537,7 million, net profit - 29 million roubles.

the International holding IDS Borjomi Group owns factories on pouring of mineral water in Georgian Borzhomi, and also Mirgorod, Morshinsky and Truskavetsky factories of mineral waters in Ukraine. The basic trade marks - Borjomi/ “ Borzhomi “ “ Mirgorod “ “ Truskavetsky “ and “ Morshinsky “. Occupies about 25 % of the Ukrainian market of mineral water and approximately 60 % of the Georgian. The holding net avails past year - an order $200 million Belong to fund Salford Capital Partners.
the Lipetsk company “ the L Edelweiss “ - the first industrial active IDS Borjomi Group in Russia. “ after introduction by Rospotrebnadzorom in May, 2006 of an interdiction for import Borjomi the group advanced in Russia only Ukrainian brands belonging to it “Mirgorod“ and “Morshinsky“, non-comparable on popularity with the Georgian mark “ - mister Verholantsev has noted. By data “ Analytics Business “ In the first quarter 2006 in ten largest cities of Russia Borjomi occupied about 13 % of the market butilirovannoj drinking and mineral water, conceding only BonAqua (14,6 %) and Aqua Minerale (14,4 %). Now brands “ the L Edelweiss “ occupy 4,2 % of the market, and on a share “ Mirgorod “ and “ Morshinsky “ it is necessary more than 2 %, that is share IDS Borjomi Group in Russia will grow approximately to 7 %. The Russian market of mineral water in 2007 is estimated in 340 million has given, or $1,5 billion Annually it grows on 30 - 35 %.

to Discuss returning Borjomi to the Russian market federal officials while refuse. However the general director of consulting agency RVR Communication Igor Makurin hopes that Borjomi will soon return to the Russian Federation, as “ the interdiction for import of Moldavian wines is already removed also certain steps concerning the Georgian production also are undertaken “. With it general director Stas Marketing Partners Andrey Stas agrees also. “ After returning to Russia Borjomi at once will return to itself to 2 % of the market as loyalty of the Russian consumers to a trade mark is high enough till now “ - mister Stas has noted.

Tatyana Karabut, Svetlana Mentjukova, Evgenie Timoshinov