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Yakut spravorossy have prevailed

According to preliminary data, in State meeting of Yakutia (silt tumen) there have passed four parties. Predictably, the parliamentary majority has received “ an United Russia “ on seven mandates - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Country party. “ fair Russia “ which on the eve of voting tried to remove from LDPR elections, on partspisku can spend to State meeting five persons. The liberal - democrats in Yakutia have not managed to overcome 7 - a percentage barrier. Past Sunday in Yakutia simultaneously with presidential elections has passed voting by elections of deputies of State meeting of republic of the fourth convocation. For the first time elections in regional parliament have passed on mixed proportionally - majority system: 35 deputies are selected under party lists and as much - on one-mandatory districts. 154 candidates have taken part in elections - odnomandatnika and five parties: Country party, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, “ an United Russia “ “ Fair Russia “ And LDPR.

according to preliminary data the republican Central Electoral Commission, “ an United Russia “ has received 52,62 % of voices, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - 15,79 %, “ Fair Russia “ - 14,56 %, Country party - 8,14 %. The LDPR, for the first time taken part in elections of deputies silt tumen, has not overcome 7 - a percentage barrier, having received only 6,51 % of votes.

LDPR attempt to remove from elections spravorossov began the basic intrigue of election campaign in Yakutia. We will remind that on the eve of voting the Supreme court of Yakutia has not admitted spravorossov to elections, having satisfied the claim of LDPR which have called into question legitimacy partkonferentsii on promotion of the list of candidates. Claimants, in particular, have specified that at four meetings of regional branches where delegates on regional partkonferentsiju were put forward, there was no quorum. These arguments have convinced the judge of the Supreme court of Yakutia who has taken out a verdict on February, 25th in 23. 59, that is one minute prior to the term termination (five days before voting) after which removal partspiska from elections is forbidden by the selective legislation. But the liberal - democrats has disagreed with arguments the Supreme court of the Russian Federation where with the appeal have addressed spravorossy, and Friday, on February, 29th party have restored on elections.

yesterday the adviser of the leader “ Fair Russia “ Sergey Mironov Julia Nadezhdin has informed „“ that it is not satisfied by results of elections, which “ it is necessary to increase by two “. According to madam Nadezhdinoj, many voters, ready to vote for spravorossov, did not know that the party is restored on elections. “ to us information blockade thanks to what other parties have received additional votes " has been arranged; - Julia Nadezhdin has noticed, having informed that according to preliminary data spravorossy five deputies on partspisku can spend to silt tumen. How many spravorossov - odnomandatnikov can pass in the Yakut parliament, Nadezhdin`s madam has found it difficult to tell. Thus she has noticed that the Yakut United Russia party members have worsened the result in comparison with results of December elections in the State Duma (63,99 %).

the Chief of the Yakut staff “ an United Russia “ Yury Kuprijanov does not agree with the similar statement. He has told that is quite happy with results of elections which could be better, but “ a certain weariness of people has affected, after all have passed elections of deputies of the State Duma, but also the president “. Mister Kuprijanov has noticed that from 407 thousand voters more half the parties in power have voted. Thus, under the party list from “ an United Russia “ in silt tumen pass 20 persons and 21 more - on one-mandatory districts. “ we have not lost in one uluse. In Yakutia every second voted for our party. We have won a victory in this uncompromising struggle “ - mister Kuprijanov has told.

in silt tumen United Russia party members can strengthen the Majority thanks to deputies - to landowners. According to mister Kuprijanova, the Country party can receive seven mandates in State meeting: three on partspisku and four - on one-mandatory districts. “ this party supports a course of our president, and we consider as its friend of our party “ - Yury Kuprijanov has explained.

results of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation which considerably have improved the result in comparison with December elections (9,48 %) became unexpected. “ This party is not popular in Yakutia, but it has received the second result which should get to “Fair Russia“ “ - mister Kuprijanov has explained. The first secretary Yakut regotdelenija the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Victor Gubarev has told that results of voting for Communist Party were quite predicted. It was affected, as he said, by the candidate for presidents from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov, “ Sounded the logical program of development of the country “. Mister Gubarev has underlined that the Communist Parties of the Russian Federation send a voice of the people sympathising “ Fair Russia “. “ It is impossible to be in embraces of the power and at the same time to be represented by opposition. The people have considered their double standards and, having understood, have voted for our party “ - mister Gubarev has told. According to preliminary data, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will spend to silt tumen six persons on partspisku and one deputy - odnomandatnika.

Marina Iljushchenko,
Arina Volnova, Yakutsk