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Officer TOVMI extorted money from cadets

In the Vladivostok garrison military court process on criminal case of the chief of radio engineering faculty Pacific military - sea institute (TOVMI) Makarova Sergey Kozhevnikova`s name has begun. The captain of the first rank is accused of regular monetary requisitions from cadets. The officer with the charges shown to it does not agree. Yesterday in the Vladivostok garrison military court during the begun consideration of criminal case of the chief of radio engineering faculty TOVMI of Sergey Kozhevnikova the bill of particulars has been heard. Abusing powers of office, reception of a bribe and swindle is incriminated to the captain of the first rank. As considers a consequence, during the period with 2003 for 2007 the officer, using advantage of the official position, compelled cadets who have passed to contract service, to share with it a part of a monetary contentment. Thus victims wrote the receipt that ostensibly voluntary transfer money resources to needs of institute. Actually, state accuser Oleg Dyomin confirms, only the part of donations went for needs financially - technical maintenance of faculty, other money Sergey Kozhevnikov left to itself . The sum of monthly requisitions from cadets made from 500 to 1500 rbl. For money the chief of faculty also provided to cadets to whom deduction for poor progress threatened, possibility to continue training (it costed to 30 thousand rbl.) . Even the officer signed orders on vacation rest of cadets, having achieved preliminary bribe reception. In total victims 131 persons are recognised. Oleg Dyomin did not name the exact sum which was in aggregate received by the chief of faculty from cadets, having explained that it does not exceed 1 million rbl.

The defendant who is under house arrest, yesterday has refused comments for the press. And its lawyer Vladimir Ignatyev was limited to the short statement: My client does not agree with the shown charge is everything that we can comment today . Mister Ignatyev has added that the protection position will be published during judicial session . It is expected that process on Sergey Kozhevnikova`s business will last till the end of March.

we Will remind that in July of last year military court of Krasnorechensky garrison (Khabarovsk) recognised as guilty of requisitions from cadets of the chief of school of ensigns of Far East military district of colonel Sergey Yudin. It has been sentenced to four years of imprisonment and deprived a military rank.

Alexey Tchernyshev, Vladivostok