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In the USA six persons

In the city of Memfis of staff of Tennesi of the USA in the private house have been shot bodies six person are found out. Among killed two children are more younger 12 years. Three more children at the age from 10 months till seven years are hospitalised. One of wounded children is in the extremely critical condition, the second - in critical, the third - in stable. Representatives of police do not give any comments concerning the happened.
at 18:11 on March, 3rd (local time) (02:11 on March, 4th (Moscow time)) in service 911 the relative of the family living in the house has called. It was disturbed by that nobody answers knock at a door. The arrived policemen have been compelled to break a door. Under one data, bodies of a part of the killed were in a drawing room, and other houses which have lost in bedrooms. On another, all killed have been found in one room. we do not know motives of murder, but at us is four lost adults and two children - the representative of management of police of Memphis has declared Dzherri Guinn. Representatives of police yet do not give any other official comments. All nine persons have suffered from shooting. Two killed children were more younger 12 years. Three more children with wounds of various weight have been taken to hospital. She is the ten-monthly girl, the seven-year boy and the four-year child which floor is not informed. One of wounded children is in the extremely critical condition, the second - in critical, the third - in stable. Policemen do not name names and age of victims.

the police has surrounded a place of tragedy and anybody there does not admit.

the owner of the house Rob Robinson renting the house, has declared that last five months in it there lived a family of Sesila Dotsona. To me they seemed very pleasant and very polite - has informed Robinson. At me with them never was any problems: any damage of the property, they paid a rent and even helped me with repair - he has told. According to the owner, together with Dotsonom there lived its girlfriend, the baby and still at least one child. Robinson has noticed that Dotsona had many problems with the former girlfriend. once, when I there was, I heard very sharp phone conversation - he has told.

on March, 3rd the criminal chronicle of the USA has already been filled up by two incidents of senseless execution. In a city West - the Palm - the Scourge 60 - summer Elborn Edward Blejk has opened shooting on visitors of fast food restaurant then has committed suicide. One visitor has died on the spot, three in a grave condition are in hospital, two more have received small wounds. Motives of the murderer remain a riddle. And in staff of Dzhordzhia on March, 3rd in one of motels 36 - summer Don Mari Slonaker has shot the 10 - the summer son and.