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The Irkutsk region has tightened an appearance

Voters of the Irkutsk region on the last presidential elections of Russia have shown raised, in comparison with presidential election of 2004, civil consciousness - on sites have come 64,73 % of inhabitants of region having the right to vote. The chairman of regional election committee Victor Ignatenko, however, has noticed that without administrative marasmus has not managed - the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has taken out five representations about inadmissibility of compulsion to voting to rectors of high schools and heads of the enterprises of a city. United Russia party members, from its part, have declared that they during campaign have not seen any infringements, and the opposition in protest at results of elections has spent picket. Yesterday the chairman of election committee of the Irkutsk region Victor Ignatenko has brought preliminary results of presidential elections of Russia in region. By data on Monday, 99,2 % of reports of local election committees have been processed. Raw there were only 15 reports - from the remote commissions in Katangsky, Kirensky and Ust - Kutsky areas. They will be delivered to Irkutsk by aircraft today. Mister Ignatenko has noticed that activity of voters on this presidential election was considerably above, than in 2004. According to preliminary data, 64,73 % of voters have taken part in voting. Higher the result was only on a referendum on association of the Irkutsk region and Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region - then on sites 68,9 % of voters have come. The highest the appearance has traditionally appeared in areas Ust - Hordes. So, 95,06 % of the voters included in lists for voting have taken part in Bajandaevsky area in elections, in Nukutsky - 90,76 %. On the third place on appearance level there was a Cheremhovsky area - 90,31 % of voters here have voted. Victor Ignatenko has noted a low appearance in the cities of Angarsks and Usolye - Siberian: 55,54 % and 53,43 % accordingly. Thus among regions of Siberia on appearance level the Irkutsk region has appeared a heel from the end while on presidential election of 2004 the region has shown the worst appearance in Russia - then on elections 52,4 % of voters have come.

it is necessary to notice that level of support of a course of president Vladimir Putin which becomes now a course of the first vitse - prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, in the Irkutsk region in comparison with 2004 has not changed. In the Irkutsk region for mister Medvedev standing from party an United Russia 61,23 % of voters, for the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov - 21,83 %, for the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky - 14,05 % and for the chairman of Democratic party of Russia Andrey Bogdanova - 1,65 % have voted. In 2004 in the second time on a presidential post 61 % of inhabitants of Irkutsk have wanted to see Vladimir Putin is there was one of the lowest results in Russia. The chairman of Irkutsk regional election committee has underlined that now Angarski Krai has occupied 58 line among regions on level of support of the won candidate. Victor Ignatenko also has underlined that the greatest level of support of the leader of communists of Gennady Zyuganov, more than 25 %, has been registered in Angarsk, Leninsk area of Irkutsk, Usolye - Siberian and Ust - Ilimske. According to the head of regional election committee, this result can be considered as protest voting.

in Irkutsk an United Russia however, with results of elections are happy. the Irkutsk region almost has twice exceeded an appearance and result. It means that the policy of our president goes a right course and a right direction - the secretary regotdelenija " has commented on results of presidential elections; an United Russia the deputy of the State Duma Konstantin Zajtsev. High, in comparison with srednerossijskimi indicators, the percent of votes, given for alternative candidates, Konstantin Zajtsev explains insufficient level of knowledge of voters. really, where - that, in any territories it is necessary to spend work, to meet voters, to explain - mister Zajtsev has explained the point of view, having added that it is not quite happy with appearance level in its native city of Angarsk. an appearance in Angarsk very small. Probably, there was no intrigue. Besides the new mayor - it yet absolutely is able to work: many in a city as showed ours sotsoprosy, at all did not know that pass elections - the leader of Irkutsk United Russia party members has found guilty.

meanwhile in area educational institutions in business of the organisation of elections even were overzealous. According to regional election committee, the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Irkutsk region has taken out some representations about inadmissibility of compulsion of voters to receive otkrepitelnye certificates. As students and teachers of Irkutsk state technical university, the Baikal state university of economy and the right, the Irkutsk state university, Irkutsk agricultural academy told , for reception otkrepitelnogo certificates gave to them the additional day off, in exchange they should vote on a site located most close to educational institution. Yesterday in area Office of Public Prosecutor to name exact quantity of the taken out representations could not, having noticed that they, undoubtedly, were. The chairman of regional election committee Victor Ignatenko has told that complaints about compulsion to receive otkrepitelnye certificates arrived in the commission, and named similar measures of increase of an appearance of voters elements of administrative marasmus . The secretary of Irkutsk branch United Russia Konstantin Zajtsev, making comments on statements of mister Ignatenko, has declared: Here there could be excesses, but I do not know such facts .

Irkutsk active workers of a coalition Other Russia and Incorporated civil front the relation to the last elections were going to express on meeting in support of the March not consent which has been appointed to March, 3rd in Moscow. But the mayoralty in carrying out of meeting opposite to a building of administration of the Irkutsk region drugorossam have refused under the pretext of that during the same time there will take place meeting Young guards . Molodogvardejtsy, truth, and were not going to note Dmitry Medvedev`s victory, and about 20 supporters Other Russia under protection almost 30 employees of OMON have spent before sports palace Work picket under the slogan: Preved, naslednicheg! .

Alexander Terentyev, Irkutsk