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Dangerous depth

Escaping from financial problems, travel agency Deeptour has solved to be on sale mezhbiznesbanku. But negotiations with bankers while have led to only new problems.

Deeptour, one of leaders on Turkish and Egyptian directions, has refused sale of mountain-skiing rounds to Turkey this winter, and with 11 the companies it was necessary to suspend work and with Egypt. mezhbiznesbank, with which owner Deeptour ImranNazarov declared the transaction in October of last year, does not hasten pokupatdolju in the company. But also does not refuse the offer. Deeptour that has lost the representations in Egypt and sejchaspytaetsja them to restore.

to Search for partner Imran Nazarov has begun after the extremely unsuccessful dljaego the companies of a summer season of 2005. Then on tourist rynkestali to say about the solid debts typed at Deeptour. It is curious that in due time the company has refused from perspektivnogoaljansa. In the autumn of 2003 49 % of its actions it was ready to buy nemetskajafirma Oeger Tours, owning charter airline Atlas, setjuotelej Majesty in Turkey, and also hotels in Spain and in Cuba. However the transaction and has not taken place. According to Imrana Nazarov, egosmutilo that for the past summer season at Oeger Tours nakopiliskrupnye debts before partners - hotelerami. In January of the past Oeger Tours left - taki on the Russian market, having bought 50 - protsentnujudolju in the company Aneks round . Nazarov`s company on that momentchuvstvovala itself it is excellent, having put for 2005 vesmaambitsioznye problems.

the Basic directions of exit tourism in Russia - Turkey iegipet, annually accepting about 2 million and 1 million rossijansootvetstvenno.
the rest Organization in these countries are engaged basically operatorys in Turkish roots. The palm is kept by group Tez Tour, working on the Russian market since 1994. In nastojashchijmoment its structure includes 10 international travel agencies, obespechivajushchihotpravku tourists from Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States and Kazakhstan. Submitted Tez Tour, in 2004 the group turn has made $163 million
the Second position on mass exit directions traditsionnozanimaet the company Pegas turistik headed turetskimbiznesmenom Ramazanom Akpynarom. Its turn in 2004 $124 million (the data for the last year is not published yet).
To pair leaders promptly come nearer TUI Mostravel Russia, formed in the summer of 2004 as a result of an alliance mezhdunarodnogokontserna TUI with the Russian operator mostravel and also Coral Travel. Last is included into the international group Odeon Tourism International (OTI).

From agents in competitors
Deeptour has grown in krupnogooperatora from usual agency - intermediary firm, prodajushchejchuzhie rounds. Imran Nazarov has based the company in 1993 (dljamolodogo the Muscovite it came from Azerbaijan it is the first experience vbiznese). Originally Deeptour worked on a Turkish direction, and by a summer season of 1999 left on so decent indicators pootpravke tourists that Nazarov has decided to pass to samostojatelnojdejatelnosti and besides Turkey to master also Egypt.

but transformation of the company from the agent in the operator (it is doubtless, tutne has done without the communications got for passed years with hotels iperevozchikami) was not pleasant to its former partners. As utverzhdaetimran Nazarov, desire of old residents of the market to stop young igrokavylilos abreast tax checks. In February, 2002 in otnosheniirukovodstva Open Company Dip tourism (the companies belonged trading Deeptour) criminal case upon evasion otuplaty taxes in especially large sizes has been brought. Tax politsejskieopredelili the sum of the means half-received by treasury - $750 thousand

Imran Nazarov has occupied a hard line and has intended dokazatsfabrikovannost the case opened against its. To penetrate vtonkosti jurisprudence, the businessman even has arrived on juridicheskijfakultet International law institution and economy imenigriboedova. Persistence of owner Deeptour has been rewarded - vavguste 2003 criminal case have closed in connection with otsutstviemsostava crimes (as it was marked in the decision, in hodesledstvija proofs about evasion of heads of Open Company from payment of taxes are not extracted ) .

Attention from one of the largest tourist kompanijevropy with a turn about $10 mlrd in a year - Oeger Tours - :Deeptour has taken a place among leaders of the Russian market. In 2003 year Imran Nazarov (by the way, in a post generalnogopredstavitelja Deeptour in the CIS and Baltic countries) could avtoritetnozajavit: to Name definitively developed the tourist market vrossii I has not dared. Nevertheless obvious leaders on rjadenapravleny are present. Deeptour among them. And to concede svoipozitsii we do not gather. We have already passed a race stage behind volumes and vsledujushchih seasons we are going to concentrate on quality of work that should allow to us to become stronger definitively in the market, and vrejtingah, probably, to occupy and higher positions .

Oblagorazhivanie of business
Having declared aspiration kkachestvennym to indicators, Imran Nazarov has caught pravilnujutendentsiju.

At Deeptour at that point in time there was an image of the supplier deshevogoprodukta for the mass tourist: three-star hotels, deshevyechartery, service without a delicacy. However for 10 years sushchestvovanijarossijskogo tourism the low price has ceased to be opredeljajushchimkriteriem at a round choice. Moreover, to a certain extent it stalameshat to business development. it in 1990 - h people went on rest, even neznaja hotel names if only is cheaper, - the general manager on company sales (specialises on the rest organisation in Turkey iegipte) considers AnnaPodgornaja, . - Then the situation has exchanged. Today too low tsenamozhet even to cause suspicion as given services iotpugnut the client .

Within the limits of new strategy Deeptour began to diversify paketsvoih offers. Remaining the mass tour operator working sminimalnymi as margins - the prices at it were on the average on $50-70 more low, than on similar rounds at competitors, - the company was engaged boleesostojatelnymi in fans of foreign rest. For surcharge in $700 impredlagalis services the VIP - service: the accelerated pass of customs vaeroportu an arrival, the personal guide, individual excursions, transfers by cars of a representation class and so on.

Along with it Deeptour has started to search on mass napravlenijahneizbitye for niches. For example, winter of 2003-2004 the company naladilaotpravku tourists on earlier unknown in Russia Egyptian kurortmarsa - Alam, where before the overwhelming majority otdyhajushchihsostavljali Italians. Deeptour among the first rossijskihturoperatorov undertook mountain-skiing rounds to Turkey, zakljuchivekskljuzivnyj the contract with Polat Renaissance Erzurum - edinstvennympjatizvezdnym hotel on a resort of Palandoken. Perspectivity etogonapravlenija did not cause doubts: Mountain skiers in Turkey privlekaliotnositelno the low prices (week round with flight stoil$700-800) and favourite system all inclusive.

Imran Nazarov has not refused and quantity indicators - otuvelichenija a tourist`s stream. He has paid attention to the regional markets where the competition between sellers of rounds was less rigid, than vmoskve. In 2004 the authorised representations of the operator - the independent companies, soglasivshiesja to work under Deeptour, - have opened in 19 countries largest cities, including vsankt - Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Volgograd iekaterinburge.

installation Realization on qualitative rest passed not bezsboev. For example, in December, 2003 of 160 tourists, Deeptour on Palandoken, could not be occupied in hotel. The soglasnoofitsialnoj version, from - for the difficult meteoconditions which have complicated vyletobratnyh of flights, former lodgers could not in time osvoboditnomera. However some experts Russian tourist rynkautverzhdali that Deeptour has not paid in time to hotel for placing. in case of timely payment hardly owners of hotel have dared bynekorrektno to arrive with clients of the significant partner - utverzhdalistoronniki this version.

But in those days at Deeptour there were only individual miscalculations. Has broken its business 2005 when the company, it is free or involuntarily, has made at once some serious misses.

the Beach of errors does not forgive
in the Summer of 2005 we popytalisrasshirit the stream on a Turkish direction approximately twice, - admits the chief of department of marketing Deeptour IgorKiselev. - As a result transports, so to say, were not in time zanastupajushchej a front line .

the Company weekly lifted 12-13 charter chains of Moskvyi of other cities of Russia. Thus the considerable rate became nanovye objects of placing: During that season only in Antalia has opened 25, and, to be fixed in the market, they offered horoshieskidki. However many of these hotels have appeared are not ready kpolnotsennoj to work. we reserve number for July, 1st, and to us : opens 10 - go, - Igor Kiselyov remembers. - it is natural, it negatively influenced image not only hotel, but also nashejkompanii .

Preparing for jerk, Deeptour has preferred not to freeze money, spending them for the repayment on the eve of a season so-called garantirovannyhnomerov. It became one more error. Room reservation pozaprosu during a high season has appeared the extremely problematic: populjarnyeobekty placings have been occupied by tourists of other companies.

its clients paid off For miscalculations Deeptour. So, 25 avgustagruppa from 28 persons waited in Antalya for moving six hours. dvumjadnjami after other tourists and at all have not placed in zakazannojgostinitse, and have given number in hotel of lower category.

Management Deeptour has miscalculated and with pricing. 2005 year the company threw out special offers on rynoknedostatochno operatively owing to what has lost a part svoihtraditsionnyh clients.

At last, has not brought expected profit and new for Deeptour - Tunis. In 2004 in promotion of this direction narossijskom the market many large tour operators were enclosed: Pegasturistik VAO Intourist ICS Travel Group, the Capital round idrugie. As a result the number had a rest in Tunis has grown from 73 thousand 2003 to year to 100 thousand tourists in 2004 - m.

However in the summer of 2005 on the Tunisian direction had mestostagnatsija. We have accepted as much tourists from Russia, how many and vpredydushchem to year, - Ahmed Sluma, eks - direktorpredstavitelstva explains the ministries of tourism of Tunis in Russia and stranahsng. - the Gain was prevented by two reasons: In - the first, cancellation majskihprazdnikov, and in - the second, year was very successful for us on mirovomrynke. In July-August when to us usually there came Russians, otelibyli are occupied by tourists of such world giants, as, for example, TUI Thomas Cook .

When in August, 2005 from Deeptour SergejBurakov, long time heading department of charter transportations has left , about Nazarov`s company began to say, as if she ispytyvaetfinansovye difficulties and will soon leave the market. Naturally, in Deeptour these hearings denied. And in the beginning of October obstojatelstvaprinjali absolutely unexpected turn. Imran Nazarov has declared oprodazhe 50 % of actions of company Mezhbiznesbanku, the client Deeptour was since 2004.

Will come up - will not come up
In Mezhbiznesbanke, poslovam the vice-president of board Boris Mareeva, the final decision about share purchase in Deeptour yet have not accepted. 50 % of actions of tour operator with an annual turnover in $85 million tampredvaritelno have estimated in $5 million And already plan otnositelnoego the future.

we are going to make the company as much as possible expensive, - objasnjaetboris Mareev. - In the long term we plan attraction zapadnogokapitala. I think, we will help this tour operator to merge sinostrannym the owner, for example through two - three years . He adds that in Mezhbiznesbanke hope to see clients Deeptour in chislesvoih investors.

Imran Nazarov also speaks about necessity of investments for Deeptour. Shortage of own means does not allow biznesuuspeshno to develop, deprives of possibility to conduct competitive struggle szapadnymi the companies and, finally, prevents to improve kachestvoobsluzhivanija tourists - he explains underlying reason of the preparing transaction. Sceptics believe that sale of share Deeptour is nevertheless nestolko a call to the western competitors, how many extreme antikrizisnajamera. This operator always conducted the rigid marketing policy, worked in a segment of the low prices, - speaks predstavitelturisticheskogo the market, wished to remain anonymous. - it is obvious, safety factor has been settled .

Freezing of sales of mountain-skiing rounds to Turkey and beach vegipet in Deeptour explain a position of Mezhbiznesbanka: that provestiaudit the companies, bank experts have offered for a while doletnego a season to curtail financial streams. From a point zrenijaekspertov, by-effects of this decision are obvious. not moguskazat that is the end, but as practice, if firmaushla from a holder shows, it seldom comes back back - the vice-president of a group of companies " expresses obshcheemnenie; Intaer AleksejSergeechev.

Nevertheless as Igor Kiselyov assures, this summer kompanijaprodolzhit tourist`s camera activity on the osnovnymnapravlenijam - to Turkey and Egypt. unfortunately, we not sovsemuspevaem, - he specifies. - much should be begun with zero: it ivoprosy technical character, and, the main thing, personnel. Prihoditsjazanovo to open accepting offices on resorts. The people who were there, work now in other firms and to us are already inaccessible. However imy, and our bank partners we count on the same sales volume which was in 2005 .