Rus News Journal

TABLE of contents

the Poster

18 | number Portrait: Nikola Tesla

20 | They also are glad

Anna Narinsky about female happiness

24 | In moustaches truth there is

Yury Jarotsky about Michael Bojarsky

28 | Offscreen implied sense

Lydia Maslov about anniversary ceremony Oscar

30 | the high voltage East

Sergey Polotovsky about a film Outcast

32 | Cinema not from all

Andrey Plahov about a film At everyone the cinema

Pervobyt zael

Konstantin Benjumov about a film 10 thousand years B.C.

34 | the beauty Press

Anna Tolstov about an exhibition the Golden Fleece

36 | the City of cities

Sergey Hodnev about exhibition Babylon in Louvre

38 | the Personnel composer

Boris Barabanov about a concert of Ennio Morrikone

the Chart poderi

Boris Barabanov about ceremony of delivery of the award CHartova a dozen

40 | form Blowing

Dmitry Renansky about ballet Glass heart in Mariinsky theatre

42 | the Science to revive

Liza Birger about the Gospel from Jimmy Dide van Kovelarta

the Right to marriage

Anna Narinsky about the answer to the main women`s issue

44 | the Representative of literary minority

Grigory Dashevsky about I am Ilajdzha Trash James Pardi

46 | the Girl - a sphinx

Sergey Hodnev about Manon Massne

48 | Music of the best feelings

Boris Barabanov about Maskineri Kaizers Orchestra


67 | International blinnyj day

Anna Karmanova and Darya Tsivina about celebrating of the Pancake week and 8 Martha in the Moscow hotels and restaurants

74 | the mutton and potato combination " is ideal;

Elshan Shafiev about mutton

Igor Maltsev about Le Pere Jules Calvados Pays d ` Auge

75 | On traces of the lonely fugitive

Sergey Parhomenko about the area the Grotto - Markt and mussels


76 | International female dens

Alexander Voronov about celebrating 8 Martha in the Moscow clubs

Dear pleasures

78 | Not new Russian

Tatyana Markin about Russian auction Stockholm Auction House

80 | the Oasis of the exemplary maintenance

Gennady Jozefavichus about hotel Adrere Amellal


82 - 98 | All gifts to 8 Martha

100 | Photoprints

Julia Peshkov about a fashionable trend

103 | the Warehouse of magnificent containers

Grigory Revzin about Seasons Architect Vladimir Plotkina

104 | Rules of road pressure

Konstantin Chernozatonsky about electromobile phone Tesla Roadster


106 | Big for small

Liza Birger about a cartoon film Horton

107 | Igor Maltsev about Feodor

108 |