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The science to revive

Liza Birger about the Gospel from Jimmy Dide van Kovelarta

Yes, by the way, we here cloned the Christ - Bill Clinton drops at last, leaving the White house and transferring affairs to George Bush - younger. So the history of the second coming of Jesus in the novel of Dide van Kovelarta " begins; the Gospel from Jimmy .

Kovelart (in its Russian transcription still often name Koveler) not the first who undertakes pereosmysljat religious themes on a modern harmony. It is possible to remember and da Vinci Code Dan Brown, and the novel of Andreas Eshbaha translated at us videoiisus - there it is described, how in Israel find a video data on which sufferings of the Christ are embodied. Another matter that all these subjects basically destiny of a second-grade fiction. Kovelarta to us present quite seriously - behind a fantastic plot of its novel big morally - an ethical message.

On a court yard 20 - e years of our century, life has turned to a continuous minefield and America the gay - the republican who has won on the Olympic games in Beijing a gold medal in a threefold jump corrects. At president Clinton in the American laboratory experts cloned Jesus Christ, having used DNA from blood drops on the Turin shroud. In six years the child was lost that was accepted for a divine foresight, and the project have closed. And in 2026 it have found out again. His name is Jimmy Wood, it repairs pools, it was thrown recently by the girlfriend, he suffers adiposity in an initial stage, to it 32 years, that is it steals up to age of the Christ, and something, undoubtedly, soon should happen. The consultation from priests and doctors declares Jimmy that it is a clone of the Christ, and before nothing the outstanding guy begins to cure blind and to revive dead persons. The mass hysteria begins, kreativshchiki the White house promise to create from Jimmy such brand of Love and a pardon, what world not vidyval in last two thousand years . As a result of Jimmy itself decides to betray itself of new execution, appoints castigation and a crucifixion to the nearest Christmas, own fate on a cross is given on the decision world by the Internet - votings, and incomes of translation are listed on charity. if my death is necessary to you to believe, I will die - the new Christ speaks in the television reference.

all characters of this novel are invented, - writes Kovelart in an epilogue, - the opening connected with the Turin shroud, are quite real, though the Church and doubts them . Further he refers on initiated by the American lobbies Second Coming Project, on a certain sect from Berkeley, declared that the second coming of the Christ becomes a reality if we return it And on the microbiologist from the Texas university Leonsio Garsiju Valdesa, in 1988 writing to father John Pavel II: I the first had honour to carry out molecular cloning of three genes of blood Christ`s . The small preface for a scientific substantiation of the novel it has appeared a little, therefore after it Kovelart has written still documentary research to Clone the Christ? (in April it leaves in one of the Moscow publishing houses) in which in detail paints intrigues of the various sects, trying to reach till it bleeds Christ`s, and explains, why the Turin shroud, as well as many other church relics, is stored in the container with inert gas, reliably hidden from worship of sects, from avidity of believers and with curiosity of a science .

M: the Fluid, 2008