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Other books of week

the Old regime and revolution
Alexis Tokvil
SPb.: Aletejja, 2008
In the middle of a XIX-th century Alexis Tokvil has written two great books. The first - the American democracy - following the results of a short American trip. The second - about the French revolution, its sources and mechanisms. Actually it is two histories same: democracy comes inevitably, but the error of the process can lead to accident as it happens in France.

station Waterloo
Emili Grejson
M: Ripol - the classic, 2008
Sentimental and very qualitative English female novel. War has separated them at station Waterloo, but they have found each other, having overcome years and obstacles.

Lev Landau
Maya Bessarab
M: Oktopus, 2008
the Relative of family Landau Maje Bessarab managed to write the sustained European biography of the great physicist.

Komintern and world revolution. 1819 - 1943
Kermit Makkenzi
M: TSentrpoligraf, 2008
Fundamental historical research of stages and features of construction internatsionala and a special role of Soviet Union in this process.

history of Russian merchant class
Valery Perhavko
M: Veche, 2008
the Romaticized history of Russian pre-revolutionary middle class - a picturesque life and amusing stories. On merchants of Perhavko strong costs epic Russia : they and economy lifted, and for three seas went, and for belief perished.

a Gothic society: nightmare morphology
Dina Hapaeva
M: The UFO, 2008
Sociologist Dina Hapaeva asks a question how much dangerous to a society there can be a hobby black an aesthetics - from novels of Tolkiena to a film Night watch .

Secret history of Graal: katary, tampliery, rozenkrejtsery and frankmasony
Alain Dezgri
SPb.: Eurasia, 2008
Alain Dezgri describes searches of Graal not as the adventure saga from Indiana Johns, and as quintessence of all spiritual aspirations of the last centuries, the feeling of the invisible, lost word, which sense need to be found .