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The girl - a sphinx

Tolomeo G. F. Handel. Il Complesso Barocco, A. Curtis (Archiv Productions)

Ptolemej one more opera from among forgotten gendelevskih the masterpieces, guaranteeing to the listener not less musical delights, than hit july Caesar or Rinaldo has been created by the composer during that epoch when on the London scene two greatest prima donnas of an epoch of baroque competed: Francheska Kutstsoni and Faustina Bordoni. Together with the prime minister - an alto - eunuch Senezino - stars acted as a certain guarantor of the highest quality of music: they simply would not suffer ordinary-looking and modest arias, therefore gendelevskaja the score abounds with the refined vocal letter and bright affects. Alan Curtis, written down Handel`s operas more than somebody from known conductors - barochnikov, for Ptolemeja has collected an outstanding bouquet of baroque votes: The unlucky protagonist is sung by Ann Hallenberg`s amazing Swede, two competitors for its heart Italian Anna Bonitatibus and Canadian Karina Goven convincingly embody. The Valuable acquisition for all admirers of a good vocal.