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Stradella: San Giovanni Battista

Accademia Montis Regalis, A. de Marchi (Hyperion)

the Terrible baroque sculpture on a cover does not allow to doubt: speech really goes about John Krestitele and its sad destiny which has come true, as it is known, owing to the one and only dance of princess Salomei. In this case the oratorio of Alessandro Stradelly is devoted it - on a sad story new treasured sacred the uneasy biography of the composer living in the end of a XVII-th century is imposed. To it if to trust the widespread legend, too it was possible to be lost from - for the woman. Stradellu unknown hired killers, probably, sent by a certain jealous husband, - the version, provided to the composer killed a romantic aura and durable popularity at least on a name (even then when anybody slyhom did not hear its original music). Anyway, from this oratorio composed in 1675 it is not necessary to wait for impressions too bloody and dramatic. Ordered to its composer and for a long time with other purposes - it should not tickle nerves, and present to the listener moral manuals. However, thus in case of Stradelly - apparently, a good judge and in large-scale dramatic nature, and in a more psychologically profound emotionality - in treatment of a plot it would be possible to count the person on certain theatricality. But it is exact not in case of this record made the Italian clavecinist and conductor Alessandro de of Mark. Certainly, boring it you will not name in any relation; with formal - the performing party too to carp especially there is nothing. As to music, the score of Stradelly even is added by tool plays modern to it of the Roman composers more brightly to note sagging in the semantic or substantial plan of a place. Only very room thing, nice, thin, however has turned out all the same and not trying to apply on any broskost. John Krestitelja`s a little sleepy morals (Martin Oro), confusion rohli - the Tyrant (Antonio Abete) - all it seems to speech of Salomei at which even the anger gets thoughtfully - a sentimental shade (Anka Hermann), graceful, but too distracted. Approximately the same as also remarks of these bible characters pouring kind or malicious rezonerstvo by rhetorical references to deities of the Olympus.