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L. van Beethoven. Piano sonatas op. 10 No. 3, op. 7, op. 57.

A. Hewitt (Hyperion)

Beethoven - is a little not that author with whom the name of the Canadian pianist Angela Hjuitt who have won a world fame by the most thin interpretations of compositions of Bach, the French clavecinists and Mozart associates. Bethovensky sonatas on general belief - very man`s music, with the strongly pronounced strong-willed beginning and demanding the big physical return. Despite all these true inherently belief, Hjuitt is possible to tell the loaded word in a rich history bethovenskih interpretations: three sonatas chosen by it, including well-known Apassionata find out surprisingly delicate and unostentatious manner of execution, with it is underlined by chamber intonation and attention to each detail. The pianist as if narrows space of a two-thousand concert hall to a small premise where music starts to speak in undertones, without too sharp dynamic differences. Disarming charm of these perusals hardly will leave indifferent even fans man`s style in Beethoven`s music.