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Boris Barabanov about Maskineri Kaizers Orchestra

Norway provides us today not only group A - Ha and traditionally strong heavy rock in this country, but also things from periphery of the advanced fashion - for example, an alto - folkom (Kings Of Convenience), commercial indi (Royksopp) and nju - a rave (Datarock). However it is much more interesting to observe that Norwegians do, without being guided in any way by a musical fashion of other world, it is exclusive proceeding from magic of the most local culture. Probably, most typical composer Eric Koda in this plan. Its tool psihodelika it has appeared it is claimed by transatlantic neurasthenic Mike Pattonom (they have written down together an album Romances ) But that the mister of the Code does houses - a strange daring disco within the limits of the project " is much more curious; Cloroform and desperately - passionate solo plates which, probably, is better would explain inoplanetnym to newcomers that such Europe as the Universe. Pan-European as a matter of fact it is possible to consider and music of group Kaizers Orchestra which the author of these words remorselessly any more the first year recommends to friends as one of the best groups of the world.

Kaizers Orchestra were formed in 1999 in a city Brin, command sources had singer Janove Ottesen and guitarist Gejr Zal. As the text on its page in MySpace, " says; when people all over the world were reserved by canned food in the face of threat of a computer collapse and attacks of bees - murderers from Australia, Kaizers Orchestra have mixed ancient fears of the people in butts from - under the Norwegian oil and left the refuge with music which was not done by anybody to them .

In first five years of existence the group has written down three studio albums. The first disk Kaizers Orchestra Ompa Til Du Dor one of the most favourite records of all times declared Tom Uejts. As it often happens, fans believe that in process of a growing the group all left from the alternative roots further, there was all to a lesser degree true . However the third album of group " became quintessence of style Kaizers Orchestra nevertheless; Maestro (2005). In the English-speaking world style Kaizers Orchestra often compare with dzhipsi - the punk and other trends of the Eastern Europe. Russian ear on time distinguishes spirit Kaizers Orchestra from moods Gogol Bordello or No Smoking Orchestra. And for that matter, in Russia at Kaizers Orchestra there should be an appreciative audience. Because Kaizers Orchestra is, more likely, brains Auktsyona vzbalamuchennyj drive Primus, the feeling of a smash hit inherent Foot has reduced and absolutely European approach to the song composition. In Kaizers Orchestra do not think in categories a blues or fate - n - a beater there go from a melody, from pure emotion, from nezamutnennogo a vital impulse. Moreover, in Kaizers Orchestra do not sing on - anglijski (though native for mister Ottesena Brin`s dialect sometimes very much reminds English language on sounding). Kaizers Orchestra swear that sing about things which are clear in any place, - about a mafia, about religion, about war - and name the products ljubovno - drinkable songs with an impurity something incomprehensible .

just left album Kaizers Orchestra Maskineri - acknowledgement of the point of view of adherents of the early, most radical period of group. If to a song Enden Av November unpredictability sbrendivshego the punk - cabaret, that, for example, " is to the full peculiar favourite by admirers of group; 9mm Is already quite conceivable postpunk. As a whole Kaizers Orchestra on - former leave impression hardly probable not the most versatily developed and widely sounding group of a planet.

Kaizers Orchestra Maskineri (Petroleum Records)

Hercules And Love Affair Hercules And Love Affair (DFA Records)

Hercules And Love Affair - a child of the influential American sound recording company DFA Records responsible for a fashion on a new disco which also name a disco - the punk. Besides the brightest representative of style - groups LCD Soundsystem - the company also works with noisy nju - jorkskoj command The Rapture and in large quantities makes remixes for the colleagues anyhow focused on dancing fate, whether it be Gorillaz or Nine Inch Nails.

Songs for the project Hercules And Love Affair Composes red nju - jorksky DJ Andy Butler. Even if the main vocalist of the present would not be involved in work on an album, it would be fair to note the unique feeling of a disco peculiar to mister Butler. We will tell, the play Hercules Theme - an example of crystal cleanliness of a genre if it has appeared in one collection with Cherrone, Dzhordzhio Moroderom, Arthur Rassellom and Donna Sammer, anybody and would not suspect that it is record of 2007.

however the main weapon new a disco - formations - a voice Anthony Hegarti, the leader of group Antony And The Johnsons. Own command of mister Hegarti promises to let out the third number disk not earlier than autumn. But not to tell, that admirers have already begun as - that actively to take offence at an idol. Anthony - one of the most demanded kameo - vocalists. Already after an exit of epoch-making disk Antony And The Johnsons I Am A Bird Now (2005) it has added own paints to David Tibeta, Bjork and Mark Almonda`s albums, has participated in tribjute Joko It and in record of the collection of piracy and sailor`s songs Rogue ` s Gallery and recent EP Michael Keshmora The Snow Abides sounded already almost as new creation Antony And The Johnsons. But here that nobody expected from Anthony, so this disco - records, even taking into account deep historical relationship of a disco and the gay - cultures which Anthony, to put it mildly, is not alien.

five songs Hercules And Love Affair in which the voice Anthony is used, confirm that has been told more than once: he/she is that person who can make gold of any record. And it is a question not only of a starting single Blind the clip on which represents a mix Kaliguly with Malkolmom MacDowell and Mums with Lyudmila Gurchenko. It seems that a vocal Anthony under a skin at all these songs even if it is not present on one path.

Supergrass Diamond Hoo Ha (Parlophone)

the Debut album of Oxford command Supergrass I Should Coco left in 1995 and at once has won first place in the British chart. At Supergrass the place on a podium all second half 1990 - h has been stably reserved. The second disk of group has reached the second place in a top, the third - the third. Even when all is smoothfaced - the priest has come to naught, there was no case that new album Supergrass has not got to first ten albums of island. The sixth studio album Supergrass leaving in March Diamond Hoo Ha we will praise, as well as always, for stability and quality. Any new features, all the same matematicheski exact combination The Clash, David Bowie, The Smiths and Suede. It is the most easier to tell that in England such music every second group, but, in - the first plays, all frants - ferdinandy, the Kaiser - chifsy and their clones have appeared much later Supergrass, and in - the second, the love to Supergrass is a love to stability. eksperimentatorstvo, peculiar Blur, and the passion to scandals Oasis is not about them. Supergrass is as a Chaif . Like and it is absolutely not clear that still it is possible to tell about them, and has come on a concert - and at once pleasure. It will be possible to be convinced of it very soon, in May Supergrass gather to Russia.

Krovostok Gantelja (a sound Mystery)

Artist Anton Chernjak by a nickname Sewed also the participant art - groups Fenso Dmitry Feldman Fajn have composed the third album Krovostoka in cooperation with DJ Fantomasom 2000 from group 43 degrees . This mister, certainly, has added to a sound Krovostoka irony, anyway, a track under the name the Porno with a detailed statement of predilections Sewed in the field of films for adults only has won from these touching balalaechnyh samples. After revolutionary as of 2005 of first CD Krovostoka in sight of music fans there was already executor Kach, different more harmonous the concept and ideology, and the Internet - users throw each other natural gangsta - a rap, like a track curdling blood Be the boy mysterious grouping Night dogs . However it is necessary to give due to misters to artists, along with the thought over laboratory provocation of lines like take a napkin and a drop of sperm from an iPod erase here there are quite convincing sorties in a dangerous reality. Here, for example, a track Disorders with a line the Meat grinder of street fights is about - go - go,/ Citizens behave the item. ts it is impulsive - it is not clear, it about the past or about the future. Not clearly, that is why not on itself.