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The companies

Volgotanker there is to a bottom
the Largest river bulk-oil shipping company of the country Volgotanker has asked the state to nationalise it after summanalogovyh claims to the company has five times exceeded eestoimost.

For the first time the tax service of the Samara region has accused Volgotanker vsokrytii taxes in the end of 2004, and to present momentuzadolzhennost the companies for 2001-2004 makes 3,3 mlrd rbl. of Ktomu in the autumn 2005 - go on a judgement it has been arrested imushchestvoparohodstva for the sum 1,4 mlrd rbl. So even if Volgotanker has wanted to pay off with debts, having sold the flotiz 353 courts, it simply could not make it. However, the shipping company all the same would not cover debts: on the conclusion made some years ago scientific and technological centre estimation High technologies market cost of the company makes only 677 million rbl.

As mark in the company, Volgotanker it is ready to any formamnatsionalizatsii because other ways to keep the enterprise neostalos. From - for actions of tax specialists an oil carrier prakticheskiostanovil work. However the state owning of 20 % of actions Volgotankera any interest to it does not show. Boleetogo, one year ago Rosimushchestvo even prepared a state block of shares for sale sauktsiona, but that has been postponed. On the other hand, hardly on Volgotanker there will be a buyer among commercial structures. pomneniju analytics IK the Prospectus Dmitry Mangileva, kznachitelno fallen in price from - for debts to a petrocarrier in luchshemsluchae the specialised companies - rechnyeparohodstva can show interest.

finam has sprung a leak
In the Russian market of stolen databases the assortment extends. One of these days it has replenished for the first time with the data about clients brokerskojkompanii. Swindlers have exposed on sale for $50 thousand data oklientah finama . The thief of the information had appeared were sotrudnikrostovskogo representative offices. As it was found out in hoderassledovanija, it has simply carried away the winchester with the data from the branch closed in the summer of last year. By words a press - the secretary finama Vladislav Kochetkova to catch the thief competitors have helped. Having received mailing with the offer to buy base, at once neskolkobrokerskih the companies have informed on the occurred leak directly in finam . The information transferred by them also has helped quickly pojmatprestupnika.
Recently cases of thefts of the confidential information narossijskom the market have become frequent. So, in the end of the last year byloobjavleno about leak of base of the largest Russian registrar - NIKojla And hardly earlier in the market there was an information about dohodahnalogoplatelshchikov, stolen of FNS. Besides, zloumyshlennikineodnokratno started in sale the information from the Central Bank and Pensionnogofonda, and also a database of the Russian cellular companies. CHtobypredotvrashchat such leaks, Professional assotsiatsijaregistratorov, a transfer - agents and depozitariev (PARTAD) already nachalarazrabotku amendments to the legislation, limiting dostupgoschinovnikov to bases of registrars. As chairman of board of directors PARTAD Victor Pleskachevsky has informed Council of Federation , the document concept is already ready, and its discussion in the Duma mozhetnachatsja in February. Certain optimism instal and poslednijintsident with finamom testifying that in struggle smoshennikami the companies already and have started to unite efforts.
Successful a daughter
Placing of the alternative operator Comstar - Obedinennyetelesistemy At the London stock exchange it has appeared the second sredirossijskih IPO on volume of the involved means.

35 % of shares of company have been sold for $1,06 billion Statusrekordsmena on - former reserves owning Comstar AFK System to which managed one year ago to gain from placing LSE $1,56 billion Comstar - OTS works in the market of services fiksirovannojsvjazi, data transmission, access to the Internet, paid television iobsluzhivaet more than 4 million subscribers. Branch analitikioptimisticheski estimate results IPO Comstar . At such tseneaktsy Comstar should have market capitalisation in $3,03 mlrd, - the analyst Three Dialogue Evgenie Golosnoj marks. - It was otsenenna one level with the fast-growing operators working nadrugih emerging markets, including in the countries VostochnojEvropy . It means that investors have shown interest to to Comstar Not as to the large Russian telephone company in preddveriiprivatizatsii Svyazinvest and, more likely, as to integrirovannomuoperatoru, comparable on the size with a number vostochnoevropejskihkompany.

MTU - Intel has reached Hollywood
the Hollywood movie companies for the first time have dared at cooperation srossijskim the operator of interactive television.

the Company MTU - Intel one of the largest Russian players narynke access to the Internet and the operator of paid television, objavilao the conclusion of contracts with studios Paramount Pictures, Buena VistaInt. And Warner Brothers. Negotiations with Hollywood kompanijamizatjanulis more than on half a year as Americans worried zasohrannost the intellectual property.

As a result the subscribers connected to interactive television strim TV Will have an opportunity to look films amerikanskihkinokompany approximately through three - six months after their premiere vrossijskih cinemas - almost simultaneously with an exit nalitsenzionnyh DVD. Viewing will be carried out on pay - per - view (payment for each viewing of a film without possibility egosohranenija). Viewing cost will make about $2. It sushchestvennonizhe costs licence a compact - a disk which varies $10 to $15.

However branch experts doubt that this service stanetmassovo the popular. MTU - Intel it is necessary to compete svideopiratami which manage to let out films on DVD ransheih the world premiere, thus cost of one disk not prevyshaet$3-4. Besides, in the end of 2005 at MTU - Intel naschityvalostolko about 6 thousand subscribers of paid TV. Constants zriteljamiprogramm with payment for viewing are only a quarter from them.

Frenchmen have started up to Italy
In the five of the largest banks of the world French BNPParibas thanks to acquisition of Italian Banca Nazionale delLavoro (BNL) can enter.

the bank has proposed about purchase of 48 % of actions Italian bankaza 4,3 mlrd euro, and subsequently BNP intends to buy up and ostavshiesjaaktsii. To finance the transaction it is supposed, razmestivdopolnitelnye bank actions on 5,5 mlrd euro.

the Italian bank market, one of the most perspective vevrope, involves for a long time foreigners. However their ambitions to samogoposlednego time the chairman of Bank of Italy constrained AntonioFatsio, not wishing to suppose absorption of banks zarubezhnymikompanijami. And for the sixth on size in country Banca Nazionale delLavoro struggle between the local companies, prevrativshajasjav to a turn of incessant scandals has inflamed. Offers on purchase Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) and insurance company UnipolAssicurazioni. Transactions have broken, and the government initsiirovaloneskolko criminal cases against a number of bank employees. In kontseproshlogo year Fatsio has retired, and it has allowed inostrantsamzajavit about itself. The first who has made the favourable proposal, BNP.

Analysts are assured that this transaction conceals ogromnyevozmozhnosti for growth BNP. In the opinion of colleagues on shop the authority bankauzhe has grown up, after all thanks to purchase BNL it can occupy on aktivamchetvertoe a place in the world after Japanese Mitsubishi UGJ, UBS and American Citigroup.

Valio hesitating with otkrytiemproizvodstva the Finnish company Valio, some years has found in Russia dairy coast
, nevertheless has decided to construct factory in Leningrad region. Next year milk and sour cream release izotechestvennogo raw materials here will begin.

Industrial platform Valio will open on territoriigatchinskogo dairy factory (GMZ), which owner javljaetsjaekskljuzivnyj dealer Valio in Russia Fudlajn . By some estimations, project cost will make about 20 million euro. Thus three more godanazad Finns also did not think of manufacture in Russia. Business in that, chtoevrosojuz is generous dotiroval the agricultural manufacturers, therefore ihtseny were rather competitive. Now the European Union urezaldotatsii that has induced Valio cardinally to change the kinds narossiju. Moreover, the company will not be limited to one factory iplaniruet building of the second industrial object vpodmoskove which will be placed in operation in 2007.

It is remarkable that start of manufacture Valio in Russia proizoshelposle how here have constructed factories a little zapadnyhproizvoditelej, working in an adjacent segment of the dairy market - cheese and oil (in particular, Lactalis and Hochland). On mnenijumarketologov, the Russian market of dairy production is filled primernona third, and it means that the place on it will suffice much zapadnymigrokam.