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Krovostok Gantelja (a sound Mystery)

Artist Anton Chernjak by a nickname Sewed also the participant art - groups Fenso Dmitry Feldman Fajn have composed the third album Krovostoka in cooperation with DJ Fantomasom 2000 from group 43 degrees . This mister, certainly, has added to a sound Krovostoka irony, anyway, a track under the name the Porno with a detailed statement of predilections Sewed in the field of films for adults only has won from these touching balalaechnyh samples. After revolutionary as of 2005 of first CD Krovostoka in sight of music fans there was already executor Kach, different more harmonous the concept and ideology, and the Internet - users throw each other natural gangsta - a rap, like a track curdling blood Be the boy mysterious grouping Night dogs . However it is necessary to give due to misters to artists, along with the thought over laboratory provocation of lines like take a napkin and a drop of sperm from an iPod erase here there are quite convincing sorties in a dangerous reality. Here, for example, a track Disorders with a line the Meat grinder of street fights is about - go - go,/ Citizens behave the item. ts it is impulsive - it is not clear, it about the past or about the future. Not clearly, that is why not on itself.