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Ukrainian   the national team on aerobatics is aimed at leadership

the Ukrainian national team on aerobatics aimed at leadership in the World championship - 2010

      Radom, Poland. On August, 5th 2010. Started the World championship on plane sports (an aerobatic, aerobatics) under the aegis of the International aviation federation (FAI, it is based in 1905). The Ukrainian national team which partner is brand ALeXX, is presented by seven strongest pilots at various times occupying the higher steps of a pedestal in this entertainment sport.

Competitions on aerobatics - the most entertainment, intellectual and popular kind of plane sports connected with performance of complexes of aerobatic manoeuvres by pilots - the sportsmen which workmanship is estimated by judges on special system of estimations. 91 pilot will take part in the World championship 2010 from 26 countries. Seven from them - from Ukraine. It is remarkable that the unique woman of the Championship enters into the Ukrainian national team - Tamara Dovgalenko, one of the strongest pilots of the post-Soviet territory.

pilots of the Ukrainian national team will fly the aerobatics program by following planes:

Vladimir Prisjazhnjuk, Igor Chernov - Extra 300LP;

Tamara Dovgalenko, Nikolay Tarasevich - Yak - 55M;

Victor Gorbachenko, Vladimir Grabovsky, Valery Nalivajko - SU - 29.

      Vladimir Prisjazhnjuk, the captain of a national team: this year the command is aimed at leadership, more than ever. In total we flew 18 700 hours from which 11 610 hours have been directly devoted performance of aerobatic manoeuvres. It is assured, it will be possible not only to show us the highest level of skill, but also to stage unforgettable on beauty of show!

      Dmitry Geller, a brand - manager ALeXX: All over the world an aerobatic it is extraordinary popular. Air shows collect thousand spectators, create the unforgettable scale of emotions remaining on all life. Certainly, if the aerobatics program professionals fly. We are glad that in Ukraine such masters are. We hope that shortly plane sports and at us will get the deserved popularity .

Winners of the World championship 2010 will announce on August, 14th 2010.

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