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the Organizer of the auctions - IP Radchenko V. V operating on the basis of the contract of the commission from 1 - T from 21. 02. 2011 - informs on tendering on property sale IP Kashinoj E. E on October, 03rd, 2011 in 13. 00 hours. The auctions are spent in the electronic form on an electronic trading platform of Open Society the Russian auction house to the address in a network the Internet: http:// lot - online. ru. In the form of auction, with the open form of representation of offers on the price.

a prize 1 : sedelnyj tractor Iveco Euro Tech of 1999 of century in failure condition, 1999 of century, V dvig. 19500 cubic sm, parking: to Krasnoyarsk. The initial price - 201000 rbl. the Deposit - 10 %. A step - 10050 rbl.

the Prize 2 : sedelnyj tractor Iveco Cursor of 2001 of century in failure condition, 1999 of century, V dvig. 10309 cubic sm, parking: Krasnoyarsk. The initial price - 125 000 rbl. the Deposit - 10 %. A step - 6250 rbl.

Acquaintance with a subject of the auctions, the auction documentation on the address: Perm, Gagarin`s parkway, 36, of. 1000, in the working days with 11. 00 to 14. 00, bodies.: (342 262 - 35 - 20, 8(342) 234 - 05 - 57, 89120706386, e - a mail: rvv22@mail. ru. Definition of participants of the auctions: to 15. 00 ch. 30. 09. 2011

For participation in the auctions it is necessary for applicant to conclude the contract on the deposit, to bring the deposit on r/ with 40802810900120000144 in Open Society branch Uraltransbank Perm, BIK 046551767, an INN 593701596684, to/ with 30101810200000000767 in RKTS Ordzhonikidzevsky Ekaterinburg to make an application the organizer of the auctions.

on the demand it is applied: the document confirming entering of the deposit, an extract from EGRJUL (for legal persons), an extract from EGRIP (for IP), a passport copy (for physical persons), the document confirming powers of the representative.

the winner of the auctions - the person who has offered the greatest price. Leading of results of the auctions: to 03. 10. 2011, on a venue of the auctions.

the purchase and sale contract - within 5 days after signing of the report following the results of the auctions.

payment of cost of purchase - 30 days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale.