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the Organizer of the auctions - external operating SPK RK “ the Red Banner “ (163540, the Arkhangelsk region, Seaside area, village Patrakeevka; OGRN 1022901495198, an INN 2921001611) the Stutterer Andrey Anatolevich (163000, Arkhangelsk, street Pomorsky, the house 34, the case 1, an input 6; OGRN 102780488704, an INN 519042056153), member NP “ SOAU “ Continent “ (191023, St.-Petersburg, and/ I 67, an INN 7810274570), operating on the basis of Definitions of Arbitration court of the Arkhangelsk region from 22. 01. 2010 and from 20. 07. 2011 on business Ή ΐ05 - 2029/ 2009, informs on results of tendering in the electronic form, taken place 17. 08. 2011 on an electronic platform the Russian Auction House (in a network the Internet to the address: www. lot - online. ru), on sale of the property which is a subject of pledge. A pledge subject - the fishing vessel “ Angrapa “ M board number - 0309, year of construction - 1987, a construction place - the USSR, the main material - a steel, the main sizes under the measuring certificate which has been given out by the Sea Register of navigation 25. 11. 1996 Ή 96. 0176. 190: length - 50,30 m., width - 9,80 m., board height - 5,00 m., capacity total 743, pure 222, type of engines, number and capacity - DVS, 1*852 kw. To participation in the auctions the following unique participant has been admitted: Open Company “ the Square “ (OGRN 1082930000372, an INN 2921010969) the Initial price of property (4 803 000 rbl.) the Offer on the property price (4 804 000πσα.) 163552, the Arkhangelsk region, Seaside area, village Luda.

According to point 17 of article 110 FZ “ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) “ in case application forms for participation in the auctions have not been presented or to participation in the auctions one participant has been admitted only, the organizer of the auctions makes the decision on a recognition of the auctions not taken place. If to participation in the auctions one participant which demand for participation in the auctions contains the offer on the property price not below the established initial price of sale of property has been admitted only, the purchase and sale contract consists external managing director with this participant of the auctions according to the offer presented to it on the property price.

thus, the specified auctions are recognised by not taken place. The external managing director the decision on the conclusion from Open Company " is accepted; the Square “ as the only thing admitted to participation in the auctions on sale of property of SPK RK “ the Red Banner “ from 17. 08. 2011 The participant of the contract of purchase and sale of the fishing vessel “ Angrapa “ at the price of 4 804 000 roubles of 00 copecks. Interest of Open Company “ the Square “ in relation to the debtor, creditors, the external managing director is absent, in the capital of the external managing director and NP “ SOAU “ Continent “ Open Company “ the Square “ does not participate.