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SMS - kindness

Dear friends! Yesterday at Rusfonda it was replaced ekvajer, now your electronic donations are served by company RBK money. To a traditional set of services of electronic donations the new are added: henceforth charitable transfers are possible from communication salons, through payment terminals, Mail of Russia systems of remittances Contact and the Leader . Since September, 1st there was a possibility to endow and from mobile phones of operators of MTS and the Megaphone (with a Biline have not agreed yet). Till the end of September on your wishes we will adjust also gathering SMS - donations.
it is equal three years ago, on September, 1st, 2008, we have started for the first time ekvajring charitable donations. That`s a thing of the past, but then I doubted the serious future of this undertaking. The commission which demanded ekvajer confused. We have conceded to requests of readers, because, judging by the sizes of donations (from 300 to 1 million rbl. ), it were people of a different prosperity. Now ekvajring has carried away thousand readers, electronic gathering annually grow, in 2011 they make already on 4,1 million rbl. a month, and it is growth stable. It seems that now ekvajring Rusfonda will make 15 - 17 % from the general gathering.

three years ago the majority of large private donors of Rusfonda insistently advised us in quality ekvajera the company Assist . Yes a serious choice at us also was not: in 2008 - m this company offered the widest set of services. That`s a thing of the past, first Assist refused cooperation (charitable streams and are insignificant now - more profitable, certainly, to deal with commercial operations), and we have agreed on its commission fee in 3,9 %. To me and now (now especially!) Such payment for services of philanthropists is represented superfluous, wound. Even the Savings Bank takes the commission for transfer no more than 2 %, and it is faster expensive transfer because there are banks where is cheaper.

I understand large sacrificers - they, most likely, know about cost ekvajringa, but consider as its pertinent payment for comfort. And I have a sensation that other donors simply do not reflect that the part of their payments settles at ekvajerov.

For the past three years in the market of electronic payments of Russia much that has occurred, has expanded the Internet - trade, there were new players and a competition ekvajerov, and here already company RBK money offers fandrajzeram considerably bolshy, than at Assista a set of services and the smaller commission (all the same the high!) - 2,5 %.

Now appeals to adjust reception SMS - donations repeat history with ekvajringom literally. From the beginning of year the offers which motives, if to reject charges in an obscurantism and unwillingness " arrive; to potter with a trifle of rather poor people are shown to the following, I quote: the cellular telephone is at everyone why not to make possible a donation through sms on 50 or 200 rbl.? Plastic cards and ecash are not at everything, and to make out transfer - same turn it is necessary to stand! With pleasure would list the small sums by means of sms. Thanks, Laziness Michael Vladimirovich .

As well as three years ago, we till the summer did not take seriously these appeals, remembering the prices of cellular operators. The prices any more do not confuse, here other sensations. If who does not know, it is a question of the commission in 40 - 50 % from sum SMS - transfer and even more - taking into account the commission a content - the provider. That is the payment on this electronic service jumps up on an order and above even in comparison with ekvajringom, and try, tell that it kartelnyj arrangement. But in the summer the First TV channel has carried out the charitable action under the name Kind light and all for ten days of hundred thousand (if not millions) spectators have collected 80 million rbl. on purchase of the equipment for children`s clinics, on treatment onkobolnyh children. And 60 million rbl. (!) In this gathering have made SMS - donations. And we have entered negotiations about a content - providers of cellular operators.

today the situation is that: the provider who to us was kindly recommended by Management of information programs the First channel under our request contacts cellular operators, trying to reduce the commission from donations to 1 %. The first refusals have arrived: from the Megaphone from Far East and Mari operators. I think, full clearness will be to the middle of September. Anyway, Rusfond will open reception SMS - transfers. As always, we on your party, dear friends.

corporate donations in August