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the Decision of arbitration court of a city of Moscow on business นภ40 - 74829/ 10 - 124 - 386ม from August, 11th, 2011 the Closed joint-stock company “ Joint Transport Group “ (Joint-Stock Company “ STG “) An INN 7721560026, OGRN 1067746792057, the legal address of the debtor: Moscow, street Basovsky, d. 8, it is recognised by the bankrupt, concerning the debtor procedure of competitive manufacture for a period of six months is opened, the competitive managing director of the debtor confirms Nogtenko Alexander Ivanovich (an INN 572000227821, SNILS 029 - 910 - 074 - 55, being a member of the self-adjustable organisation of Noncommercial partnership “ the Self-adjustable organisation of arbitration managing directors of the Central federal district “ (an INN 7705431418, OGRN 1027700542209), being to the address: 109316, Moscow, Ostapovsky journey, d. 3, p. 6, of. 201, 208.

the Register of requirements of creditors of Joint-Stock Company “ STG “ is subject to closing after two months from the date of publication of the present announcement.

the address of the competitive managing director of Joint-Stock Company “ STG “ for a direction creditors of the requirements to the debtor and other correspondence: 302010 the Eagle, street Aviation, d. 5.

Proceeding on consideration of the report of the competitive operating debtor is appointed on 09. 02. 2011 at 10 o`clock. 45 minutes in arbitration court of a city of Moscow to the address: Moscow, street Big Tula, d. 17, a hall 9014, 9 floor.