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the Organizer of the auctions - Competitive managing director Korneshov Sergey Viktorovich (NP DMSO the location and the address for a direction correspondence to the managing director: 440015, Penza, street Mozhaisk, 12 - 33) informs on carrying out of the open auctions in the form of auction on cost fall on property sale Open Society Amderminsky Sea Trading Port (OGRN 1078383000211, an INN 2983057004, the location: 166744, Nenets joint-stock company, pgt Amderma, street Central, 4). On the auctions the following property is exposed: the Prize 1 - RMM Management: 872,4 sq. m, the price 1 270 000 rbl. the Prize 2 - a transit warehouse: 1 470 sq. m, the price 489 011 rbl. the Prize 3 - a material warehouse (cold) 350,5 sq. m, the price 168 391 rbl. the Prize 4 - a material warehouse (warm): 89,5 sq. m, the price 52 031 rbl. the Prize 5 - lifting: 209. 7 sq. m, the price 131 993 rbl. The Prize 6 - gas storehouse: 168. 6 sq. m, the price 358 109 rbl. the Prize 7 - scrap metal (ashore): 282 tons, the price 282 000 rbl. the Prize 8 - scrap metal (in water): 585 tons, the price 293 000 rbl. All property are to the address: NAO, pgt. Amderma, street Central, 4. The form of representation of offers on the price - opened: 440015, Penza, street Mozhaisk, 12 - 33, ph. 89273752028. Application forms for participation in the auctions move to the address: 440015, Penza, street Mozhaisk, 12 - 33, bodies.: 89273752028, from 10 o`clock till 17 o`clock.; in the same place it is possible to familiarise with requisites of accounts, conditions of tendering, acquisition of property and signing of contracts of purchase and sale.

to participation in the auctions are supposed physical and the legal bodies who have presented to stipulated terms and made papers properly on acquisition of property. Demands acceptance on a prize stops after receipt of the first demand for acquisition of the given property at the price of the offer, generated at the moment of its giving. The period after which the offer price consistently decreases, makes 5 days. The step of reduction of price of the offer makes 1 % from the market cost of property specified in the publication, offer floor price on which the property (the cutting off price) can be sold, makes 95 % from market cost of property. Demands acceptance term - 30 days from the moment of a publication exit. The right of acquisition of property belongs to the applicant who has submitted the first when due hereunder the demand for acquisition of the specified property at the price of the initial offer. With the person recognised as the winner of the auctions, the report on results of the auctions on which basis with it within 10 days the purchase contract consists subscribes.