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the Competitive managing director Open Company Morgidrostroj - Holding (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij): Queen I. P, operating under the agency contract 2011 - 0207 from 01. 07. 2011, informs that 03. 10. 2011 at 9:00 ch. (Time Moscow) on an electronic trading platform of Open Company Auctions of the Far East (http:// www. torgidv. ru) the auctions in the form of auction with the open form of giving of offers on increase, an auction step - 10 % from the initial price will take place.

the organizer of the auctions - Open Company the Center of an estimation and realisation of the auctions (an INN 4100004743, OGRN 1024101039643, 683003, the Kamchatka edge, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, street Leningrad, d. 33, bodies.: 8 (4152) 46 - 76 - 18).

the Debtor - Open Company Morgidrostroj - Holding (an INN 4101085946, OGRN 1024101021427, jurid. The address: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, street Ocean, d. 76).

the Competitive managing director - Queen Irina Petrovna (683003, the Kamchatka edge, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, street Leningrad, 33, of. 500, an INN 410106762119), a member of NP SRO AU Association (192012, St.-Petersburg, 3 - j the Rabfakovsky lane, d. 5, a building 4, lighted.

the Prize 1 : Open Company Debt receivable Morgidrostroj - Holding : the requirement rights to IP Vysochansky N. N for the sum 3 525 000 rbl. established by definitions of Arbitration court of the Kamchatka edge on business And 24 - 5557/ 2009 from 11. 05. 2010 and from 24. 12. 2010. The initial price of sale - 220 500 roubles.

the size of the deposit: 10 % from the initial price.

acquaintance with documents - on a platform site. Acquaintance with property - at the organizer of the auctions.

the contract on the deposit and the purchase and sale contract are placed on a platform. Requisites of the organizer of the auctions: Open Company The centre of an estimation and property realisation an INN 4100004743, a check point 410101001, r/ with 40702810900080001517 KF Joint-Stock Company rajffajzenbank in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, BIK 043002702, to/ with 30101810500000000702.

For participation in the auctions it is necessary during the period from 00:00 ch. 29. 08. 2011 till 00:00 ch. 30. 09. To be registered on an electronic trading platform of Open Company " 2011; Auctions of the Far East to pay the deposit and to make an application on participation in the auctions. The demand moves in the electronic form and should correspond FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) and to the Order of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation 54 from 15. 02. 2010 the List of documents applied on the demand: Extract from EGRJUL or its notarial copy (for the legal person), an extract from EGRIP or its notarial a copy (for IP), certified transfer of documents on the state registration of the legal person or the physical person as IP according to the legislation of the corresponding state, a copy of the document proving the identity (for the physical person), a copy of the decision on approval of the large transaction, a copy of the documents confirming powers of the head (for legal bodies).

the Decision of the organizer of the auctions on the admission of applicants to participation in the auctions is made out by the report on definition of participants of the auctions upon termination of term of giving of demands.

auction the participant who has offered the highest price admits won. The report on results of tendering is made by the operator of an electronic platform within 2 hours after the termination of the open auctions and directs to its organizer of the auctions for the statement. Within 1 hour from the moment of reception of this report the organizer of the auctions confirms it and directs to the operator of an electronic platform in the form of the electronic document for placing on a platform and in the Uniform federal register of data on bankruptcy.

not later than 5 days after report signing the competitive managing director directs to the winner of the auctions the offer to conclude the contract of purchase and sale with the appendix of the project of the given contract. In default or evasion of the winner of the auctions from its signing within 5 days from the date of reception of the specified offer the brought deposit to it does not come back. The property should be paid the buyer within 30 days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale. The sums of the inclinations brought by applicants come back to all applicants, except for the winner of the auctions, within 5 working days from the date of the statement of the report on results of tendering. If application forms for participation in the auctions have not been presented or to participation 1 participant has been admitted only, the organizer of the auctions makes the decision on a recognition of the auctions not taken place.