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Perhaps, it is not necessary to mark in Facebook each visiting of cafe behind ocean?

it is time holidays - favourite time for room robbers, experts of the company " mark; Alpha insurance at this time chances to find out the habitation the cleaned increase in 3,2 times. Criminals use different methods to calculate ownerless apartment, to a course there is even an information search in social networks, adds an observer Andrey Voskresensky.
While citizens are in holiday, and their habitation is empty, the probability of room theft increases in 3,2 times, but the damage to personal property in case of flooding is even more dangerous, the given researches, spent by the analytical centre of the company " are that; Alpha insurance . Risk of damage by water the most essential in spite of the fact that during a long absence the probability of flooding of habitation and neighbours decreases on 2,9 %. However the average sum of payment increases in such situations on a loss as for lack of owners of apartment there is nobody to take operative measures on prevention of the further gulf and property rescue. It is necessary to notice that in the last two days the average sum of insurance indemnification to holiday-makers for a damage to their property has increased in eight times.

in long absence of the owner the quantity of thefts, more than in 3,2 times sharply increases. But the probability of a fire in apartment decreases in 1,5 times. The reason of substantial growth of a share of thefts in activity of criminals in holidays: obokrast apartment at a long absence of owners is much easier.

in spite of the fact that the quantity and quality of ways of protection of home ownerships, an arsenal domushnikov also has increased will be improved: they long trace movings of the owner, are well equipped technically and even watch the information in social networks, analysts " confirm; Alpha insurance . So, maybe, it is not necessary to mark in Facebook each visiting of cafe behind ocean?

Reduction of a share of fires is connected by that in absence of tenants the electrodevices which operation - a principal cause of fires practically are not used.