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Russian national team - the world champion on hockey

4 players of the Kazan club " became World champions at once; Ak the Leopard .

Modular Russia in a final of the World championship passing in Helsinki has won a convincing victory over a command of Slovakia, without having suffered, thus, on tournament of any defeat.

Slovaks who have made on a championship course, some kind of, sensation, having beaten out Canadians and Czechs, have very powerfully entered into game and a minute later have opened the account - Zdeno Jara powerful click from a dark blue line has forced to capitulate Simeon Varlamov. The passed washer as, it has appeared, only has provoked wards of Zinetuly Biljaletdinova, and in the middle of the period Alexander Semin has closed a fast combination with Pavel Datsyuk`s participation and the namesake and clubmate Ovechkina.

In the second 20 - minute Russians have still excited rate, twice perebrosav the contender, - 16:8. As a result in gate Yana Latso has flown three washers. At first Alexander Perezhogin, having used transfer from Popova, threw on empty collars, and the washer, a ricochet from Slovak defenders, has crossed a line. In the middle of the period Sergey Shirokov and Alexey Tereshchenko ( Ak the Leopard ) Together have fallen out on gate, and last has forwarded a washer to a contact for a back of Latso. And two minutes later, Semin has issued a double, having received a pass from Datsyuk.

in the final period Russia has not reduced turns - already through three with small minutes Datsyuk thanks to the partners in a link - to Ovechkinu and to Semin - has written down one more goal into the account then the instructor of Slovaks Vladimir Vujtek has made the decision to give rest of Latso instead of which game was entered by Peter Gamerlik. As a result Slovaks have earned removal after a foul of Ovechkina on Mihale Sersene, and Jara on a five-copeck coin it has appeared more quickly our defenders. The definitive account for two minutes to a final siren ustvnovil Evgenie Malkin for whom this washer became already 11 - j on tournament.

Thus, Russians took an original revenge for defeat in the ending of the World championship of 2002 from Slovakia and in the third time for last five years became the strongest team in the world, writes sportbox. ru.

Tatars - an inform notices that as a part of Russian national team on hockey by world champions there were at once 4 players of the Kazan club Ak the Leopard : goalkeeper Konstantin Barulin, defenders Ilya Nikulin and Evgenie Medvedev and the attacking Alexey Tereshchenko.

the Head coach of Russian national team is eks - head coach HK Ak the Leopard Zinetula Biljaletdinov. A number of sports experts have noted its positive influence on tactics of game of a national team, and also the general strategy of carrying out of the championship.

Russia - Slovakia - 6:2 (1:1, 3:0, 2:1)