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Competition on building of a site of a highway Perm - Ekaterinburg is suspended

FKU Federal management of highways Ural Mountains has suspended competition on performance of works on reconstruction of a highway Perm - Ekaterinburg on a site with 13 on 33 km in the Perm edge (2 starting complex). As have told in the ministry of transport of the Perm edge, the reason of such decision that one of the companies has directed the complaint in UFAS. In mintranse have not specified, what company has addressed in antimonopoly body and a complaint essence. As have explained in a press - to department service, the stage of giving of demands today has come to the end. In total demands have submitted 4 companies. Their names also do not reveal. By data among declared to two Perm company - Open Society Permdorstroj the Perm branch of Joint-Stock Company Uralmostostroj - Mostootryad 123 and Joint-Stock Company from Tyumen - aerodromdorstroj . As have explained in mintranse, competition will be renewed only after UFAS the decision under the complaint will make.

we will remind, reconstruction of a highway Perm - Ekaterinburg on a site with 13 on 33 km in the Perm edge (2 starting complex) assumes expansion proezzhej parts from existing two strips to six with a dividing strip in the middle. 2 starting complex is a site in the extent of 6,8 km from under construction detour of Lobanovo to with. Kojanovo. This road will be I - And the categories, completely all line will be shined together with a traffic intersection around congress on the item the South. Two bridges - through the river of Ryzh and the river of Muljanka will be constructed. For safety of pedestrians in the locations of bus stops near with. Kasimovo and with. Kojanovo the project provides the device of elevated pedestrian crossings.

it is necessary to notice that else in December, 2011 open auction on performance of these works has been declared. Some times changes were made to the auction documentation and terms of carrying out of auction moved. But as a result of April, 17th auction has been excellent, and instead of it competition on performance of these works on April, 20th is declared. Application forms for participation in competition were accepted till May, 21st, 2012, results should bring on May, 30th. The initial price of the contract makes 3,8 mlrd rbl. According to the documentation, the minimum term of performance of works from the moment of the contract conclusion - 915 days, maximum - 1220.