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Epatirovat epatirovannyh

In Matyushin`s House (the Museum of the Petersburg avant-guard, branch of the State museum of history of St.-Petersburg) the exhibition " has opened; Pour epater les bourgeois... Futurism eyes of inhabitants “. Caricatures, cartoons, feuilletons, reproductions with pejorative signatures, secular gossips - all that accompanied formation of new art in Russia of first half 1910 - h years much. The comic chronicle of Russian avant-guard considered KIRA DOLININ.
the first part of the name of an exhibition is not translated from French obviously specially: on - russki “ that epatirovat “ looks clumsily, but on - French uncertain form of a verb sounds here as the order: “ Epatirujte the bourgeois! “ however, looking at exhibits, the steady sensation is created that these bourgeoises and epatirovat - that especially specially was not necessary. They were glad epatirovatsja everything. What for to artists to draw florets and asterisks on cheeks, to pass wooden spoons in buttonholes, to go in bright scarves or waistcoats, loudly to shout and beat opponents on a muzzle when nevinnejshuju like, for example, public was ready to discuss Larionov`s picture weeks, practising in wit and oplevyvaja all around poison. Household the clown said goodbye easily, but here new forms of art obviously cut to the quick.

that curators of an exhibition in Matyushin`s House tell, clear business, is not present anything new. About tricks of futurists, in lines knows what kind walking about on the Kuznetsk Bridge, provoking rough debates at the exhibitions and were in the beginning 1910 - h in each butt a plug, thousand pages are written. As well as about that, the aversion futuristic (read - kubisticheskoj, impressionist, postimpressionist, fovistskoj and other " was how much sharp; new “) Painting by inhabitants in both Russian capitals. Uniqueness of this exposition that it is laconic, but consistently shows ways of display of this most spectator reaction. Premilitary decade - time when Russia by quantity of comic editions has almost caught up absolute and centuries-old already with leaders of art of a caricature and the feuilleton - England and France. It there could be found a caricature hardly probable not on everyone though an a bit appreciable picture from thousand exposed on annual Parisian salons, in Russia painting has received such national glory, only having passed a boundary of centuries and that is more important, a boundary of domination of peredvizhniki.

humorists here on the full Have come off. The people voice in this campaign against futurism is and a voice of the child (the child about kubisticheskie landscapes: “ the Father why here so many earthquakes are exposed? “) And female (the wife on a caricature leaves from the artist, because “ he has taken in head to paint its portrait “), and the customer (“ Really it I? - Yes, this your internal I! “), and the passer-by (“ What this picture at you represents? - If you so will look, “  destruction Pompey “ and if will turn, “ the Self-portrait “! “) .

But protagonists here pictures, they generate a parallel reality in which as caricaturists suspect, and it is necessary to live to new artists and their admirers: at futurists and a billiard table in shape kubisticheskogo a zigzag, and a foot at them curves, and the present futurist talks to itself on “ you “. Well and in a head, clear business, here not everything is all right. The image Kanatchikovoj of a summer residence emerges in these texts repeatedly. Well and simply image of an exhibition of futurists as a total pulling down of a brain: “ paints Rush, paints,// Without system, without ideas are twisted...// Upyri, freaks, masks,// And normal are not present ideas! “ (about an exhibition “ the Golden Fleece “ 1909 on which showed the French fauvists and their Russian followers). Here only during any moment the theme of the romantic mad artist is replaced pedalirovaniem just absolute normalnosti and a pragmatism “ futurists “ - “ Doubts of the futurist “ in “ to the Moscow newspaper “ in 1913: “ Here I do not know, to learn in me to draw at first or directly to expose a picture at “ jacks Of diamonds “ “. And it already absolutely other song, we hear it till now.