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Adventures of the Mafiosi in Norway

In January, 2012 on the Norwegian TV channel NRK1 the premiere of a serial " has taken place; Lillehammer (Lilyhammer) - comedy show about adventures of the fluent Mafiosi in the Norwegian province.

the protagonist, Frenki Taljano by a nickname the Serviceman Stephen Van Zandt - the musician from Bruce Springstina`s group, also known on a role konsileri in epoch-making " has played; the Soprano Clan . Van Zandt which were taking part in a script writing, parodies in Lillehammere the hero from the Soprano the grey cardinal at mafia boss Tony Soprano - Silvio Dante, ruthless to informers and traitors. Now its character himself hands over the mafia boss of FBI - mainly in revenge that that has shot down its favourite doggie but also and consequently that the boss - the round idiot, and it offends aesthetic sense of Frenka.

a Plot constructed by a principle Soprano clan in the Norwegian remote place - the brilliant idea forming a basis for ruthless parodies to stereotypes which are delivered much by the priest - culture in general and the tourist industry in particular. These stereotypes - as landmarks, like would exist that it was easier to individual to be guided in the unfamiliar environment. But in actual fact they appear the false reference points creating only visibility of a comfortable cognizance of another`s reality, blendes behind which the original essence of the phenomena hides. Under the program of protection of witnesses of FBI Frenku a refuge abroad is obliged to grant. And instead of choosing, for example, the Bahamas, Frenk suddenly declares that would like to locate at the world`s end - in the city of Lillehammere which he saw once on the TV during translation of the winter Olympic Games in 1994. Lillehammer there is in its consciousness in a romantic aura which immediately dissipates, as soon as the former Mafiosi, and now a fair citizen of Norway Giovanni Henriksen, arrives into place. The city of winter sports occupied by vigorous, vigorous champions, appears sad snow-covered village where early darkens, inhabitants so it is not enough that all neighbours each and all, and evenings even there is no place to drink plainly. Norwegians make unpleasant impression upon Frenka are legislative bores, with which about what it is impossible to agree on concepts as he has got used. But this first impression appears false: in Lillehammere there live the same people, as everywhere, with the shkurnymi interests. They need to be found out only in everyone, as an Achilles` heel, - and then bypassing laws and by a principle bash on bash it is possible to fix any business. Image of the safe, safe country where social institutes only also do that care of citizens, appears a screen. In each series tolerance, assimilation of immigrants, ostensibly incorruptible officials and even Scandinavian chadoljubie are consistently derided. Gets also to the modern art and tourist baits - all these of a sweater with the Scandinavian patterns, wooden trolls and even that is surprising, a pattern the severe wild nature are exposed in any foolish comic recension. And here already Giovanni accustoms, gets the girlfriend - the blonde, buys pub and transforms it in present nju - jorksky a bar where the turn on an input costs already in the street. It adjusts deliveries in a bar of cheap alcohol, on - svojski having understood with local humorously furious bikers, and gets a share in building of elite cottage quarter at the rascal - the lawyer. At the same time Jonni As it here name, learns lives of ridiculous Norwegian natives and at last becomes the big boss who rightfully can tell: it is my city .

Frenki Taljano , it Giovanni Henriksen ( Steve Van Zandt ). The absolute macho, got used itself rulit affairs, an embodiment of almost comical courage. It first of all will organise in a bar an underground card play on money, to the child of the girlfriend gives a toy pistol and learns its bad, considers violence as one of the most effective ways to solve questions, but also agree with everybody can easily.

police Lajla and Gejr . Lajla ( to Anna Krigsfol ) it is similar to the policewoman from a film Fargo : in appearance cosy klusha - the exemplary housewife who likes to bake pies, but actually the tempered fighter, the woman - a scout which will give to nobody to descent. Its workmate Gejr ( Kjurre Hellum ) - Elvis at a leisure executing it repertoire in shopping centre the fan, in everyone come in large numbers sees the potential terrorist from Al - Kaidy the comic chauvinist. Both fairly suspect Taljano - Henriksena of illegal activity, but can prove nothing.

Jan Johansen ( Fritof Sohejm ). The Social service provider which helps immigrants to adapt with Norway. Using office position, arranges orgies with the wards of a female who search for work. Frenki blackmails with its pictures of such orgy and forces to work on itself.