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The new president of Serbia will not curtail from the European way

Serbs are not assured, whether want in the European Union. In the second round of presidential election they have supported the former nationalist Tomislava Nikolicha. It has bypassed working president Boris Tadicha who initiated negotiations about the introduction of Serbia into EU. Details at the correspondent FM Elenas Martjanovoj.
On the eve of the second round the oppositional candidate for presidents of Tomislav Nikolich has declared that the decision on the introduction of Serbia in the European Union will be taken out on a referendum. On Sunday it has typed hardly more than 50 % of votes with a separation from the operating Serbian leader in 3 %. Earlier Nikolich led party of nationalists and declared that would prefer more likely the union with Russia, than the introduction into the European Union. However last years he has tried to change the image. The selected president of Serbia has promised that will not curtail from the European way, however, first of all, will solve internal problems.

At me Serbia will continue aspiration in EU, but we will be and to defend further our interests in Kosovo and Metohii. Besides, we should solve set of the economic problems which have collected during a management of president Tadicha - has declared Nikolich.

the Outcome of elections in Serbia for many became unexpected as a victory predicted to the ruling president - to democrat Boris Tadichu who is in power eight years. He already recognised defeat and has urged the contender not to refuse a way to Europe.

I congratulate him and I hope that he will not make a serious mistake, refusing rapprochement with the European union, differently we will return again to a situation of the beginning 90 - h years of the last century - Tadich has told.

to elections the new president of Serbia was going to visit congress an United Russia On May, 25th, however, hardly it will take part in this action, having held a post of the president, the director of the Center for studying of modern Balkan crisis Elena Guskova though the trip to Russia is already brought in the schedule of the new Serbian leader considers.

again selected president has told that visits to the United States of America, Russia and Germany " will be its first visits; - Guskova has told.

In due time Tomislav Nikolich was vitse - the prime minister in the government of Slobadan Milosevic which judged the Hague tribunal on charge in a genocide of Albanians later. Now the economic situation in Serbia is not better, than in European Union neighbouring countries: the volume of an external debt has made 24 mlrd, and the rate of unemployment has reached 24 %.