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the House has enough suffered much

Farewell with the Doctor the House . The American serial about the ingenious doctor - the misanthrope has come to an end. On TV channel Fox on May, 21st there is a final series of the eighth season under the speaking name All will die . Details - in a material of correspondents FM Alexander Mezentsev and Olga Groshevoj.
Eight years music from a serial collected at screens millions people worldwide. Today admirers Doctors of the House will hear it last time. One of the most successful serials for all history of television has come to an end, already irrevocably. It is necessary to be able to leave in time, the author of idea, producer David Shor considers.

Eight years - long term. I here since the first day, and Hugh, certainly, too. It is long term. During any moment you think: yes, it is necessary to finish, it is necessary to finish. We should leave before someone will begin to glance on hours - he has told.

hearings about serial closing have appeared already after the fifth season, in 2008 the show audience has decreased for 4 million persons. The next years it continued to fall. Than the history of the doctor of the House will end, remains a riddle for all admirers of a serial. The featured actor - the British actor Hugh Lori would like to see the hero happy.

all when - nibud comes to an end. We knew that the serial will come to an end once, as all good and bad too. I think, the House has deserved any share of happiness and a consolation in lives. I think, it has enough suffered much. And whence this consolation will come, I do not know - he has noted.

Predictably, in a final episode of a serial there will be one of participants of an old command of the House - doctor Allison Cameron. And here eks - the House beloved - Lizu Kaddi script writers of a television epopee have decided not to return. After end of a serial of Hugh Lori plans to concentrate on musical activity. On June, 24th the actor will give a concert in St.-Petersburg, and on June, 25th and 26 in Moscow. It presents the album Let them talk.