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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia: conditions in Afghanistan do not inspire optimism

Military - political conditions in Afghanistan remain strained, and the creation prospect in the country of effective armed forces is doubtful, considers and. An island of the chief of Department across Afghanistan the second department of Asia the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Albert Horeev which words transfers RIA News . Military - political conditions in Afghanistan do not inspire optimism. Practically in all territory of the country extremist groupings, including movements of Talibs, Islamic party of Afghanistan, Islamic movement of Uzbekistan operate. The situation becomes complicated organizational merge of the Afghani and Pakistan Talibs, and also scale infiltratsiej insurgents through afgano - the Pakistan border - has told at the international conference Calls of modern conflicts: Afghanistan Spent Regional delegation of the International committee of the Red cross (MKKK) and diplomatic academy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. As he said, the creation prospect in Afghanistan effective armed forces is represented for Moscow doubtful . In intermediate term prospect stability of the Kabul mode (in Afghanistan) on - former will be defined by foreign military presence - mister Horev has added. The expert has noticed that the process of transfer of responsibility started in last year for safety in Afghanistan from foreign military men to the Afghani power structures... Has obviously expressed declarative character . He has underlined that the big questions in Moscow are caused by a situation with safety in areas where responsibility for safety has been transferred Afghans. There are cases when right after a conclusion of military divisions from settlements, the power in them passes to the Talibs who are supported of local population - Horev has told. He also has informed about infiltratsii the Afghani terrorists to Post-Soviet Central Asia representing a serious threat to peace and stability in region.