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Vasily Jakemenko did not begin to hide that this project is co-ordinated in the Kremlin

New the party in power the organizer of movement " will create; Ours Vasily Jakemenko. Details about a press - conferences of the official were told by the correspondent FM Nikita Batalov of leader Xenia Turkovoj.
According to mister Jakemenko fulfilling duties of head Rosmolodezhi the new party should unite people of the future .

- As all - taki this party will be called: People of the future Clever Russia or the Party in power ? Already some variants have appeared.

- it is precisely known that to be called it it will be short and simple - the Party in power and in any way differently. As Vasily Jakemenko has characterised her, it is party for young men 25 - 35 years. There is there a whole concept, on which people of the future People who have got good education will struggle with so-called feudal lords who in Russia now sit on an oil rent, and now dream to leave the country. If all of them together unite and will enter party Jakemenko, it is not necessary to leave, and they will start to change the country to the best.

the first congress " in the autumn is planned; the Parties in power . But thus it is necessary to underline some moments. Vasily Jakemenko did not begin to hide that this project is co-ordinated in the Kremlin that there has caused positive responses. And one more moment: the Party in power will not have any relation to movement Ours and new party Ours which is called Clever Russia and which will be created within the next few days, also no any relation to Jakemenko has. the party in power as Vasily Jakemenko has underlined, is opened for everything, including for active workers Ours And for those who was, for example, on the Marsh area.

- and who will lead this new party? Nothing Jakemenko has told?

- Will head Jakimenko. I will add that much all interesting also he spoke, for example, that does not trust in a victory an United Russia in 2016 that for this reason also is created the Party in power that, probably when - nibud to replace the party in power not under the name. That it does not deny falsification on elections of 2011. Spoke also about Oleg Kashin`s business. He has told that I am a unique person who wants end of a legal investigation of Kashin more it that he could be convinced that I and my people to it no any relation we have .

- He said what any selection special in party will be? Here whom, for example, not take precisely?

- you know, 36 years or 24 years you cannot get to this party have gone much, of course, at once jokes on a theme, if to you. There is, of course, about it no speech was not. He has told that party for everything, and for all political forces as, for example, I have already told, for those who was on the Marsh area, and on Poklonnoj, and even for active workers of movement Ours that is for all. But the only thing, he has told that oppositionists who now sit in camps, do not correspond to its vision of this party.

- sit in camps as it has unexpectedly sounded.

- Yes so he has told: Sit in camps in the centre of Moscow .

- Probably, any secret desires Vasily Jakemenko has expressed.

- That oppositionists he does not see in this party because, in its opinion, they operate as - that incorrectly.

- There still the question, as far as I know, has sounded about Xenia Sobchak, and he has told that her will not call.

- you know, he has told that to Xenia Sobchak will envy, its active vital position and activity, but he is not assured as of its methods, here such there was a phrase.

- and as to this movement new which creates movement Ours - Clever Russia any details about it today was not?

- Details are not present. We really planned to learn them from Vasily Jakemenko, but he has underlined that it has no relation that there will be a congress, and it is not going at all for it to come. As journalists have started to assume that now Jakemenko completely otkreshchivaetsja from this movement and, probably, in the cooperation future will not be. Jakemenko has However, told that they can enter its party, but, probably, this cooperation will not be such strong.