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“ Users look at the price, but do not think of quality “

Manufacturers of antiviruses have warned users Android about two dangerous viruses which are writing off means from the account by sending paid SMS without the knowledge of the owner. Experts once again advise not to neglect antiviruses for mobile platforms.
it is careful! Under the pretext of browsers and games viruses disappear. By means of such programs from accounts of users of smart phones under control of Android money flows away. So, the international anti-virus companies Sophos and Symantec have found two viruses for Russian-speaking variant Android. Symantec has found out last version of program Android. Opfakå which malefactors use under the pretext of the driver for installation of browser Opera and popular game Angry Birds. Having infected the smart phone, Opfake dispatches from its number paid sms.

Uniform strategy in struggle against such viruses yet have not thought up, the general director of the company " speaks; 1Ñ - Bitriks “ the expert on IT Sergey Ryzhikov.

“ the state of affairs is that today what to publish the appendix in Android - a market easily enough. There is no very rigid check, and, as consequence, this situation sometimes abuse. It is difficult to give a separate tablet or a medicine. It is possible to recommend to look at presence of correct feedback from audience more likely. To avoid such situations, there is variety of anti-virus products which allow to establish an antivirus on a mobile platform and to check everything that will be established and be used inside “ - has told Saffron milk caps.

more often mobile devices of the Chinese origin are subject to viruses.

in a pursuit of the price of such device it is necessary not to forget about quality. To avoid the majority of viruses, it is necessary to get popular gadgets at official suppliers, the director of the company " considers; Social media “ Alexey Goncharenko.

“ First of all it is necessary to pay attention to model of phone, the smart phone, what it of an origin. It can be “ white “ “ grey “ assemblage and so on. Basically Chineses drive the substandard goods where the certain shops where there is a trade in free products are already specified to the insertion, but there are also appendices for money. Users look at the price, but they do not think of quality. There is a certain parity the price - quality. If the price more low also quality will be any, attempts of a deceit, breakings, penetrations much above “ - Goncharenko has told.

For 2011 the quantity of harmful programs for Android has grown in 20 times, the Russian company DrWeb has counted up.