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In Tatarstan celebrate Day of acceptance of Islam

In an ancient city of Bulgarians (Spassky area of Tatarstan) on Monday actions for a case of Day of official acceptance of Islam of Volga Bulgariej have begun, informs a press - service of the president of Tatarstan.

we should remember always about this bottom when in 922 year on this earth our great-grandfathers had been voluntary accepted Islam. We should remember our sources: Islam has allowed us to become strong, it is important to keep it - the head of region Rustam Minnihanov at opening ceremony of the Memorable sign - one of the most considerable objects of the complex project " has told; the Cultural heritage of Tatarstan: an ancient city of Bulgarians and island - hailstones of Svijazhsk .

In turn, the state adviser of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev who supervises the project, has thanked all who is involved in revival of Bolgara.

It is the project with all the heart and as a hobby - M.Shaymiev has underlined.

the Memorable sign represents constructed in style drevnebulgarskoj architecture an octahedral building with a round copper dome and a Muslim half moon at top.

in the main hall of the Memorable sign on a special pedestal the biggest will take place henceforth in the world the printing Koran (150 h 200 sm, 632, the weight about 800 kg, is brought in the Guinness Book of Records), made of republic in the end of 2011 the Italian masters.

heads of Tatarstan, religious figures have taken part in ceremony from different regions, representatives of the enterprises - philanthropists, builders, local residents.

under the inquiry INTERFAX, since 2010 Tatarstan together with the federal centre on a parity basis realises the complex project on revival of monuments of history and culture of Islam and Orthodoxy the Cultural heritage of Tatarstan: Ancient city of Bulgarians (a place of acceptance of Islam of Volga Bulgariej in 922 year) and island - hailstones of Svijazhsk (it is put as a city by the Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible in 1551) - the largest joint project of the state, business, the religious organisations and the public.

total amount of financing 4 - the summer project - 3,2 mlrd roubles from federal, republican, local budgets with attraction of means of philanthropists and investors - the large enterprises of Tatarstan.