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Were not in time before closing

the edge Authorities will allocate to Spassky area the financial help from reserve fund of regional administration. Money will go on liquidation of consequences of explosion of a warehouse of ammunition near to railway station Sungach. As a whole from explosion of a warehouse which were going to close till the end of 2012, experts estimate a material damage in the sum more than 6 million rbl.
the Governor of Primorski Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky has signed the order about allocation to Spassky area of the financial help from reserve fund of regional administration. means will go on work and actions for liquidation of consequences of the emergency situation connected with explosions of ammunition - it is told in the regional administration message. Thus the size of the financial help is not specified.

we will remind, in last on Friday, nearby 16:40 local time, the fire in the warehouse of ammunition deployed in 7 km from railway station Sungach of Spassky area of Primorski Krai (in/ ch 86792) has begun. Soon after fire occurrence the shells intended for recycling have started to blow up. Military men had time to leave part territory still until as the mass detonation of ammunition has begun, therefore victims managed to be avoided. Fragmental wound of a hand was received by one soldier - srochnik, another has been contused.

after the first explosions of the power have started evacuation of the population of Sungacha and village Duhovsky - nearby 800 persons by buses have taken out to settlements Chkalovsky and Aleksandrovka, have informed in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Primorski Krai. Later inhabitants of villages have got to an evacuation zone Zelenodolsky and Novorusanovka - about 1 thousand persons also. As burning warehouses are all in 7 km from the Trans-Siberian Railway, till morning of Saturday railway traffic around state of emergency has been suspended - there have got stuck 12 passenger trains.

explosions have stopped at 23 o`clock Friday, has informed The chief of department of information support a press - services of East military district on Pacific fleet the Novel of March. On Saturday of the power declared that threat to settlements passed, and the evacuated inhabitants began to come back in the houses.

sources in military department have informed that in a warehouse uncontrollable aviation rockets With - 8 calibres of 80 mm and With - 13 calibres of 122 mm, and also art shells of calibre of 100 mm have detonated. According to the official representative of Minister of Defence Igor Konashenkova, in/ ch 86792 it was planned to disband till the end of 2012. As mister Konashenkov confirms, the considerable part of ammunition from warehouse territory has already been taken out. In total according to military men has blown up ten railway cars of shells and rockets.

Upon incident by military investigatory department of investigatory committee of Russia on Spassk - to Distant garrison criminal case to signs of the crime provided p.1 item 349 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of rules of the reference with the subjects representing raised danger to associates, the causing which has entailed on imprudence of heavy harm to health of the person) is brought. Officially the reason of state of emergency is not established yet. Sources in law enforcement bodies say that, according to preliminary data, incident has begun that in time razgruzochno - loading works someone from military men has dropped partially razukomplektovannyj ammunition which has blown up.

to Primorski Territory under instructions and. An island of Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdjukova the commission of military department under the direction of the deputy minister of defence, general Dmitry Bulgakov has taken off. Its main task - to check up, this arsenal and other objects of military warehousing in region how much safely worked.

according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, 748 persons and 163 units of technics have been involved in liquidation of consequences of explosions on an arsenal, including five aircrafts: plane Be - 200 CHS, two planes Silt - 76, two helicopters Mi - 8.

the Material damage from explosions of shells in Primorski Krai has made 6,039 million rbl., have informed yesterday in the Ministry of Emergency Measures. In Novorusanovke and Duhovsky 176 window blocks and 60 sq. m of a roofing covering, in Sungache in 11 apartment houses where live 211 persons are damaged, 197 window blocks and 58 door blocks are damaged. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, works on inspection of settlements about detection of not broken off shells are finished, ammunition is not found out.

state of emergency in warehouses of ammunition in Primorski Krai

In May, 1992 the arsenal of Pacific fleet located on suburb of Vladivostok has blown up. The roar from ruptures of shells was audible for tens kilometres, in nearby apartment houses a blast wave has beaten out glasses, and their tenants, all about 50 thousand persons, it was necessary to evacuate. Only has by a lucky chance done without victims. In October, 2002, as a result of imprudence at carrying out utilizatsionnyh works, other warehouse on suburb of Vladivostok on which were 17 conditional railway cars of shells of calibre from 30 to 122 mm has lighted up. As a result ammunition has detonated. The cannonade was so strong what to extinguish fire by means of fire-fighting crews it was not represented possible: splinters from blowing up shells scattered in radius 500 - 800 m. Almost days over suburb of capital of Primorski Krai there was a rumble of ruptures. From 17 cars of the shells which were in the burning warehouse, on air has flied up 12. Again has done without victims. The Vladivostok garrison military court recognised the commander of an arsenal of colonel Alexander Skvortsova guilty under item 217 ch. 1 ( infringement of safety rules on explosive objects ) and item 293 p.1 the criminal code of Russian Federation ( a negligence ) also has sentenced to one year of imprisonment conditionally. In 1994 naval warehouses of ammunition in settlement Novonezhino, and 1996 - in settlement Fighter Kuznetsov have blown up. On the night of July, 13th, 2003 the naval arsenal located in settlement Taiga has blown up. Then from splinters of the scattered shells has burnt down about 20 country structures, 27 persons have got various traumas and wounds, and about 2 thousand inhabitants of country area it was necessary to evacuate.