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Vladivostok Avia have fined

Court in Krasnoyarsk region has collected from airline Vladivostok Avia 30 thousand rbl. in favour of the woman - the invalid, which after an arrival in the Moscow airport Vnukovo has been compelled to wait almost two hours for the special vehicle for disembarkation malomobilnyh passengers, informs Western - the Siberian transport Office of Public Prosecutor. In a press - release it is informed that the townswoman of Minusinsk, the invalid of the first group, suffering full paralizatsiej feet, has got the air ticket on airline flight Vladivostok Avia on a route Abakan - Moscow for carrying out of urgent operation in GU scientific research institute of neurosurgery it N.N.Burdenko the Russian Academy of Medical Science in a direction of Ministry of Health of Krasnoyarsk region. at airport of destination Vnukovo after an exit of all passengers from the aircraft, disembarkation malomobilnogo the passenger has not been made, the crew has left the plane, technical cleaning of the aircraft has begun. Having the heavy diagnosis, having transferred 7 - hour flight, the woman together with the husband accompanying it during flight, have spent in expectation of the special vehicle for malomobilnyh passengers even an hour and 40 minutes - the Office of Public Prosecutor informs.

the woman after that has made the claim concerning poor-quality service. In the answer the company Vladivostok Avia 1 thousand roubles which will reduce air ticket cost at its acquisition in the future has offered it indemnification in the form of the warrant of various gathering for the sum. Besides, in the answer to the claim it has been specified that the delay of its disembarkation from the plane has occurred not because of airline - it is told in the message. The Abakan transport public prosecutor has come to a conclusion that accepted Vladivostok Avia the decision disproportionately transferred passenger to physical and moral sufferings, did not compensate the done moral harm, and has addressed with the claim in court. The court has satisfied requirements of the public prosecutor and has collected from airline in favour of the passenger of 30 thousand rbl.