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At Vladimir Putin all as in the tank

Some details of the new three-year contract of the Minister of Defence with UVZ which Vladimir Putin declared at a meeting with workers of factory, have been opened yesterday by it a bit later - at meeting concerning development oboronno - an industrial complex. It is a question about modernisations of 360 units of armour with an absolute advance payment. By data this modernisation will concern tanks T being in a system - 72 and will include their strengthening armored and protivominnoj protection, and also improvement of devices of night vision (installation teplovizorov the French sample) and communication systems. A total sum of this contract - nearby 19,5 mlrd rbl. (it is interesting that else in October, 2011 of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation named the price of modernisation T - 72 - about 38 million rbl. for one tank). Besides, within the limits of the Federal target program on development OPK still approximately 6,2 mlrd rbl. For three years it will be spent for updating of the equipment of the factory.

about purchase of new tanks T - 90 or any others speech does not go yet. Earlier the higher military ranks repeatedly critically expressed to T - 90. So, the former first deputy of the Minister of Defence Vladimir Popovkin in April, 2010 has unexpectedly declared that T - 90 is a good, deep modernisation of tank T - 34 . In March, 2011 the former commander of land forces general Alexander Postnikov has characterised T - 90 as 17 - ju updating Soviet T - 72. And in November of the same year the chief of the Joint Staff general Nikolay Makarov has complained that at new T - 90 the tower " is qualitatively executed only; also ascertained that the Russian industry in the majority is incapable to make necessary Ministers of Defence arms and military technology . Eventually, in February, 2012 he declared that purchase will be exemplary domestic armour is suspended for five years.