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the Russian aluminium there can be South African

According to the British mass-media, head SUAL - Holding Bryan Gilbertson suggests to include in structure of the company created SUALom, Russian aluminium and Glencore, South African Anglo American. As a result of a share Rusala and SUALa in the new company can decrease to 20 % and 6,6 % accordingly. But in Rusale say that in the nearest half a year occurrence of new partners is not planned. And participants of the market more probable applicant on Anglo American name Rio Tinto.
On Saturday British The Times has informed that the president of Open Society SUAL - Holding and the future head of board of directors the Russian aluminium Bryan Gilbertson has suggested other councillors to consider absorption Anglo American. the Russian aluminium it is created on the basis of actives Rusala SUALa and Swiss Glencore (the agreement on it has been signed on October, 9th). According to The Times, mister Gilbertson participating in formation Australian BHP Billiton, wants by means of Anglo American to create to it the competitor on base the Russian aluminium . For this purpose, in particular, a top - the manager plans to involve in a management of the future company of the former colleagues on BHP - Miklosa Salamana and David Munro.

Anglo American - one of leading world manufacturers of nickel, zinc, coal, iron ore, metals of platinum group and diamonds. The valovyj income of the company in 2005 has made $29,434 mlrd, profit - $4,329 billion

Mister Gilbertson tries to involve not for the first time Anglo American in strategic partners. So, in the beginning of year the company delegation has examined factories SuAla (see from January, 21st). Soon after that it became known about rupture of partnership SUALa with British Flemings Family and Partners, and Anglo American named the candidate on association with the Russian company. But to agree to the parties it was not possible. And by the autumn Anglo American has found the new partner in Russia: she declared creation with Severstal an alliance which will be engaged in search in the country of nickel, copper and zinc (see from October, 6th).

Formal acknowledgement of that Anglo American is ready to absorption, no. But about it tell indirect signs. This year the company has begun sale of not profile actives. So, it prepares for placing of actions of the tselljulozno - paper division Mondi. In April Anlgo American has sold a part of actions AngloGold Ashanti and has declared that can continue to sell papers. On the hearings circulating in the British press, absorption Anglo American can take place both at its present management, and after possible preschedule leaving of general director Tony Traara on pension. In the company on such variant of succession of events do not make comments.

we will notice that capitalisation Anglo American ($68,7 mlrd proceeding from quotations of the London stock exchange) more than twice exceeds the most optimistical forecasts of cost the Russian aluminium (it estimate in $25 - 30 mlrd). Therefore if merge occurs, a share of owners Rusala in the incorporated company will decrease from 66 % to 20 %, SUALa - from 22 % to 6,68 %, Glencore - from 12 % to 3,6 %, and almost 70 % of its actions will be received by owners Anglo American.

In SUALe yesterday have refused to comment, how much owners of the company support plans of mister Gilbertsona. However Rusal they have surprised. In the company have noticed that Bryan Gilbertson could not recommend anything to councillors of directors the Russian aluminium because they still simply are not present. the Board of directors will be generated only by the time of transaction end on merge, that is by April, 1st - have explained in Rusale . Bryan Gilbertson cannot and spend the representatives to a management the Russian aluminium . the Structure of board of the company is defined and is an agreement part under the transaction, - mark in ` Rusale `. - In it three operating employees SUALa. New appointments are in the competence of the general director ` the Russian aluminium ` Alexander Bulygin (it is also the general director ` Rusala ` - ) . As a whole under the agreement of participants of the transaction, the sphere of responsibility of Bryan Gilbertsona is limited to introduction of practice of corporate governance and preparation of public placing of actions. It is not allocated by powers to make strategic decisions, marks a source familiar with the text of the agreement. In Rusale underline that the strategy of the incorporated company confirmed now assumes strengthening of a position of the leader on aluminium and alumina manufacture . Other decisions was not accepted, it will be possible to speak about it only after transaction end on association - mark in Rusale .

Thus, a merge question the Russian aluminium and Anglo American if will rise, not earlier than in half a year. But it is not excluded that by this moment the company will already find the strategic partner. As candidates the international experts name Rio Tinto and Xtrata. In particular, according to the British financial press, the general strengthening of quotations of the mining companies on LSE on Friday has been connected with hearings about negotiations about merge between Anglo American and Rio Tinto.