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the Position of Russia is extremely clear, and Chinese not strongly differs from it. Many understand that declaration of independence of Kosovo will be the decision imposed by a power way .
Such statement yesterday has made in interview to the Belgrad newspaper Evening news the prime minister - the minister of Serbia Voislav Koshtunitsa. It has expressed confidence that Russia and China will block any attempts to give independence of the Serbian province of Kosovo which is at the moment under control of the United Nations. The prime minister - the minister has noticed that Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials insist on search the conciliatory proposal and respect of international law . Mister Koshtunitsa also has warned that declaration of independence of Kosovo will cause gloomy and serious consequences in the world . He has noticed that it can cause chain reaction in other regions of the world, having added that Now many in the world have understood that Serbia will not allow itself to dismember .

is more detailed with performance of premieres - the minister of Serbia it is possible to familiarise on a site www. kommersant. ru/ leaders