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I reject the assumption that we have handed over Georgia

past week the Russian mass-media, having referred to interview to the assistant to the state secretary MATT BRAJZOJ, have extended the information on change of a position of Washington concerning territorial integrity of Georgia. Correspondent DMITRY - SIDOROV has talked to mister Brajzoj and was convinced that it not so.
- From your interview ITAR - TASS the conclusion has been drawn that the USA any more so is categorical, as earlier, oppose independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia of Georgia. Whether so it?

- it is visible, it is a question of a part of my interview which has been reproduced not completely. I have told the following: basically we cannot speak about illegality of aspiration of Abkhazia or South Ossetia to self-determination. This desire corresponds to the international norms, the same as also observance of territorial integrity of any state. The problem peregovorshchikov - to find a way out of the created situation. The ready formula in this case does not exist. Theoretically there are different variants. Federation, confederation, the decision accepted by the United Nations or on the basis of the spent referendum.

- as far as I understand, the referendum in Abkhazia has taken place also its results are known.

- the referendum held there cannot become the basis for independence. About 300 thousand persons did not accept in it participation as could not return to the houses.

- how much positions of the USA and Russia on territorial integrity of Georgia differ from each other?

- the Official position of the government of Russia is identical to the point of view of its western friends. All of us support territorial integrity of Georgia. However in a reality there are disagreements. The sight at the operation spent by Georgia in Kodorsky gorge, is one of such examples. In our opinion, the recognition of territorial integrity of Georgia grants to it the right to carrying out of operations on destruction of terrorists. Actions (Tbilisi. - ) in Kodorsky gorge were weighed and were not beyond the law. Moscow actively criticised for it the Georgian party.

- but Washington too critically looks at some actions of Tbilisi. It appears from the recent resolution of Security Council of the United Nations across Georgia. By the way, experts in Washington assert, what the USA have voted for this resolution in exchange for support of the resolution by Russia across Northern Korea?

- We did not criticise action of Tbilisi in Kodorsky gorge. I consider that it is the Russian interpretation. Concerning communication of resolutions across Georgia and Northern Korea I can tell that no transaction existed. Certainly, the United Nations are a circus with set of arenas and it is necessary for all to agree about something, but I reject the assumption that we have handed over Georgia.

- Having arrived in Tbilisi, zamgossekretarja the USA Deniel Fried has ordered a bottle Saperavi . Whether you consider it is a hairpin to Moscow?

- I about it heard nothing. I know that Fried had supper with our ambassador in Tbilisi. I do not exclude that wine on a table was. I love Saperavi and always I order it when I am in Georgia. It is necessary to be the madman that, having visited this country, not to try fault.