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Gazprom Valentine Matvienko`s Governor has faced competitors

during a traditional Saturday detour has declared that projects with attraction of investors for reconstruction of boiler-houses will be continued. Till the end of the year the city intends to hold competitions in the Central and Admiralty areas. Besides it the mayor has visited on the bridge of Lieutenant Schmidt which now with might and main is under repair.
on Saturday Valentina Matvienko got acquainted with a course of works on complex reconstruction of system of a heat supply of Petrograd area. It is the joint project of city authorities and Open Society Gazprom . According to the governor, the concern has spent for reconstruction nearby 4,5 mlrd roubles, 2,5 more mlrd roubles have spent city authorities. This year instead of 52 out-of-date boiler-houses will establish 36 new, will replace 45 kilometres of intraquarter thermal networks, and now, according to general the director of Open Company Peterburgteploenergo Sergey Gustov (the customer of reconstruction, Open Society affiliated company Gazprom ) Losses it is warm it is possible to exclude completely.
the governor has informed that competition on complex reconstruction of boiler-houses and heating systems of the Central and Admiralty areas will be till the end of the year carried out. and not the fact that this investor will be ` Gazprom `, at us it is a lot of interested persons - has underlined Valentine Matvienko.
during a detour the governor has examined, as the boiler-house in the Peter and Paul Fortress works. Here it has faced the new director of the Museum of city history Alexander Koljakinym and has declared that gives it term till the end of 2008 to put a museum in order: Understand with tenants, make estimates. As soon as will understand leave on me, we will search for money. We will involve means of the city budget, we will tighten the federal. Work should be conducted, instead of be represented . Mister Koljakin has answered that while to it is worked difficult: it is heavy to understand structure of a museum and to understand with that who and for what answers. But I hope that in the near future I will understand .
the detour on the bridge of Lieutenant Schmidt on which works on installation of flying structures on constant support have begun Has come to the end. Till November, 15th it is necessary to establish all four flights then works on building razvodnoj parts of the bridge which should be finished prior to the beginning of spring navigation will begin. According to the general director of Open Society Mostootryad - 19 genpodrjadchika buildings if all goes according to plan, the bridge will be handed over in September, 2007, that is for a month before a target date. Following the results of reconstruction the bridge will be expanded on 12 metres therefore its throughput will increase from four to eight strips.
up until that time genpodrjadchiku it is necessary to be spent for a New Year`s ornament of the bridge and its future illumination. it is necessary to lie down the best designers that they have thought up something remembered - Matvienko`s madam has declared. However, to do this all to Mostootryad - 19 it is necessary at own expense. I know you, to you it as a cup of coffee to drink - has noted the governor. In this case the company, apparently, can continue participation in realisation of the program of reconstruction of other Petersburg bridges. many of bridges in our city never capitally were under repair. The government has confirmed the corresponding program some new projects, in particular bridge buildings in an alignment of Vasilevsky island at College of mines ", besides, are now developed; - has informed Valentine Matvienko.
Pavel Nikiforov