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Today traumas, poisonings, bleedings, vascular and nervously - mental infringements can threaten health. The vigorous activity will help to remove stress. And here alcohol, drugs and wrong application of medicines represent danger.
the Begun week will pass dynamically, vigorously. It will appear eventful in business and the politician. And it it is no wonder because at once six planets appear in a sign on the Scorpion. A scorpion in an astrology connect with extreme situations and their overcoming.

today in the sky some prominent aspects. First of all connection of the Sun and Mars which happens only once for two years. There is a merge energy the most active planets. Therefore sports records are possible. But crimes and incidents are possible, alas, also.

the second prominent aspect which besides some times will repeat within the next few days, - the conflict of Merkurija to Saturn. It means strengthening of administrative pressure upon business, state regulation, and also various objective obstacles in commerce.

and the Moon it is harmonious aspektiruet Uranium, therefore to 10 in the morning. 00 Moscow time - the best period for work. Further business is entered by the conflict of the Moon to the Neptune, proceeding to 21. 40 Moscow time. At this time the risk of a deceit, swindle, and also the errors connected with idealism and illusions is raised. Danger will raise from drunk and addicts, especially on highways.

as a whole breakdown susceptibility today very high. And only night time will pass more easy under the influence of Jupiter. In the evening and it is good to study at night, it is possible to travel.

Arieses can meet the interesting and influential person, including in the world of art, business, a policy or is simple in private life.

Tauruses should be adjusted on interaction with partners. There can be interesting acquaintances in the morning. Be careful of swindlers in the afternoon.

twins need to concern rules and laws more attentively. It is necessary to take care about health.

cancers in the beginning of day will be a success in work with new knowledge and technologies. And in the middle of day and be careful with chemistry in the evening.

lions should behave vigorously in business and domesticities. Go in for sports. Be ready to dangerous situations.

maidens can be a success in the morning in dialogue with business partners. During the day observe rules and do not hurry up.

scales since morning should finish a certain stage in the affairs and at once to pass to the following, to develop success.

scorpions will be vigorous and resolute. More safely show the initiative in any activity. Morning and the late evening are most successful.

Sagittariuses during the day should show care, and here the late evening and night for you are favorable.

Capricorns be hardly achieved success in commerce. It is better to be engaged in spiritual sphere and to communicate to friends, adherents.

Aquarius also will be a success in the morning late at night in intellectual employment. Be careful of swindlers in the afternoon.

fishes can go to trips and be engaged in scientific work. And here in a life separate misunderstanding are possible.

on October, 24th Tuesday
This day for health moderately strained. The moon in the Scorpion, therefore in an organism genitals and eliminative organs are most sensitive, metabolism infringement is possible.

all affirms the Scorpion as the sky and on the earth more strongly. Today six planets stay in this sign, and only Saturn alone shines from the Lion. By the way, only he also can be seen in the night sky as all other planets are lost in beams of a bright sun.

for business and other responsible affairs today not so approaches from - for total absence of aspects of the Moon during the period with 11. 00 to 23. 00 Moscow time. This period is called as the Moon without a course. It is possible to be engaged only in minor work or urgent questions.

morning also not so approaches for commerce and signing of documents as the intense aspect of Saturn will create bureaucratic obstacles. Try to operate during the period with 10. 30 to 10. 50 or absolutely early, to 9. 40: then Merkury or Jupiter at least will help you a little.

for trips day moderately strained. Breakdown susceptibility a little above the average level. Other incidents too can take place.

Hurry up with visiting of a beauty salon or design - studios. Venus today in 14. 00 across Moscow passes from Scales in the Scorpion, that is from a sign on the possession as a sign of exile as astrologists speak. And further within almost month beauty and love questions will dare dramatically, categorically and with an impurity of negative emotions.

Arieses are capable to solve a number of the financial questions operatively in the morning. It is better to devote the rest of the time to physical activity.

Tauruses will appear in a changeable situation in relations with partners. Playing sports is useful.

twins should be ready to solve daily questions on work, including with the subordinates.

cancers in the beginning of day can be a success in study, mental work. It is better to devote other part of day to rest and physical culture.

lions are capable to solve house questions, to put things in order at office. It is necessary to take care about health.

maidens since morning should execute necessary trips, hold meetings. It is better to devote other day to self-education.

scales can be engaged in monetary affairs in the morning, do shopping. It is better to devote an evening to sports or private life.

it is useful for scorpions to show activity in intellectual sphere. And it is better to devote an evening to an aesthetics and love.

Sagittariuses can count on success only at early morning o`clock. Other day spend easy, having reduced undesirable dialogue.

Capricorns can have household conflicts, and during the day - public in the morning. Choose a circle of contacts more carefully, avoid the doubtful organisations.

Aquarius the professional questions can solve in the morning more successfully. During the day do not argue with the heads and do not break a rule.

Fishes since morning can go to a trip, be engaged in study or teaching. During the day be not got involved in ideological disputes and conflicts.