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the Savings Bank Net profit on RSBU for January - September, 2006 has increased by 31,1 %, to 66,38 mlrd rbl. with 48,34 mlrd in the similar period of last year. The net profit in the third quarter has increased by 35,4 %, to 25,672 mlrd rbl. against 18,959 mlrd rbl. in the second quarter.
the WHALE of Finans
Investment bank the WHALE of Finans in January - September, 2006 has increased actives by 93,5 % - to 32,955 mlrd rbl. the Pure loan debts of bank for nine months of current year have grown in 2,3 times and for October, 1st have made 22,52 mlrd Means rbl. on accounts of clients have grown on 50,2 % - to 17,544 mlrd rbl., including physical persons - in 2,8 times, to 908,365 million rbl. the Profit of bank to the taxation in January - September, 2006 has increased in comparison with the similar period of last year in 6,3 times - to 5,15 mlrd rbl.

the multinational corporation - VR Holding
the Net profit for the third quarter 2006 on RSBU has grown in 2,71 times, to 72,011 mlrd rbl. in comparison with 26,542 mlrd rbl. for the last quarter. Net profit growth is caused by sale of actions of Open Society Udmurtneft a reserve under the conditional tax obligation under the profit tax on checks of the attached societies for 2001.

Open Society Far East sea shipping company (DVMP) in the first half of the year 2006 has received $53 million net profit on MSFO against $10,2 million loss for the similar period of 2005. Shipping company incomes for the accounting period have made $171 million (growth on 15 %), operational expenses - $110,7 million (decrease on 4,7 %). The profit to the taxation has made $23,758 million whereas one year ago made $272 million

Has placed the eurobonds nominated in euro, volume 780 million, profitableness has made 102 basic points to srednerynochnym to swaps that there correspond 5 % annual, has informed a source in bank circles. Repayment term - February, 2014. As organizers of the transaction have acted Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Dresdner Kleinwort and Citigroup. Papers are let out by a rule 144/ RegS.

Has finished placing of notes of participation in the credit (Loan Participation Notes, LPN) on $200 million, profitableness of release has made 9,25 % annual, has informed a source in bank circles. Term of the reference of release makes five years. As the organizer of placing has acted ABN Amro.

Bank Zenith
Has placed three-year LPN on $200 million under 8,75 % annual. On it has informed a source close to placing.

the information of agencies AK &M, " is used; Interfax the Prime - TASS .