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Information technology

the Volume of deliveries of personal computers in the world in the third quarter 2006 has grown on 7,9 % in comparison with corresponding quarter of last year - to 57,05 million pieces. About it it is told in the report of research company IDC. As analysts IDC mark, rates of increase of the market of the personal computer have decreased in comparison with an indicator of a gain of 9,8 % in the second quarter 2006 and two-place quarter indicators of a gain within the last three years. Though the volume of deliveries in the world market, excepting the USA, continues to grow approximately on 11 % a year, falling of deliveries in the USA reduces the general result. The European market has quickened after recession in the second quarter, however the similar fate has overtaken the USA in the third quarter. Dominating in the market of the USA and aspiring to reorient the business, company Dell has endured crisis of underproduction of production therefore the volume of deliveries in the USA has fallen to 7 % in comparison with corresponding quarter of last year. Hewlett - Packard it was capable to strengthen the positions in the USA and in the world market to raise deliveries and to bypass the competitor. And though separation HP from Dell exceeds 28 thousand personal computer, at volumes of deliveries about 10 million pieces it can be a statistical error, analysts IDC mark.
a fixed-line telephony
In Sinterre the new director
Joint-Stock Company Sinterra declared on Friday Arthur Akopjana`s appointment to a post zamgendirektora under the finance - the financial director. Before arrival to the company it worked as the financial director of Joint-Stock Company PeterStar . In new quality mister Akopjan will be responsible for the organisation of activity of financial management of Joint-Stock Company Sinterra financial services of the affiliated and dependent companies, preparation of the consolidated reporting, budgetary planning and control of realisation of plans of the companies of group Synterra, and also for working out of financial strategy of group. Arthur Akopjan was born on April, 23rd, 1973 in Sochi. In 1995 has ended the Sochi state institute of tourism on a speciality economy . In 2002 has passed a course in London Business School under the management program. In 1995 - 1997 worked as the financial controller in the company Redisson SAS Azure . In 1997 became regional financial director Metromedia International Telecommunications Inc. Since 2001 for 2006 held a post of the financial director of Joint-Stock Company PeterStar .

New tariffs Dalsvjazi
Open Society Dalsvjaz predicts growth of incomes of primary activity after input of tariff plans on 10 - 15 %. Sergey Frolov has informed On it zamgendirektora the companies on economy and the finance. As he said, the company has already submitted to a regulator for approval three tariff plans necessary under the law. Thus Dalsvjaz Has technical possibility of granting of service of temporarily payment of telephone conversations of 80 % of the 1,3 - million audience of subscribers. For those subscribers to whom the company cannot give time wage and accordingly three tariff plans, the monthly fee calculated taking into account monthly average quantity of minutes is developed. This tariff, according to mister Frolov, will be on the average on 14 % above an existing monthly fee. He has noticed that now monthly average number of minutes, uttered one subscriber, makes an order 400.

In MERTe criticise Svyazinvest
With ` Svyazinvest ` it is necessary to do something, the company loses the cost, in this kind as holding it is inefficient - the assistant to the head of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation Cyril Androsov has declared. In this connection, as mister Androsov has noted, there is no clearness in a privatisation question Svyazinvest . Privatisation terms ` ` are not present Svyazinvest - has declared the deputy minister. In July MERT sent to the government the letter in which negatively expressed corporate governance system in Svyazinvest also offered a number of measures for increase of its efficiency. MERT paid attention to the situation which has developed in Svyazinvest having carried out on the instructions of the government the analysis of efficiency of expenses of the company and having revealed a critical situation with management in holding . MERT has flayed corporate governance structure Svyazinvest high salaries of a management of holding, and also system of compensations of managers.