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Tesis has increased take-off weight

the Russian cargo airline Tesis has started flights by plane Boeing first in the park 747 - 200. Till now the only thing ekspluatantom cargo Boeing 747 in Russia was airline Volga - Dnepr . Now it will have a first competitor. However participants of the market for whom parametres Boeing 747 " are known; Tesisa say that its use hardly will be economically effective.
as the general director of Joint-Stock Company " has told; Aviation enterprise ` Tesis ` Victor Gajdamaka, on Friday the company has executed the first flight on Boeing 747 - 200 of Kazakhstan where the plane took place maintenance service, to China. Till now this type of planes in carrier park was not. According to mister Gajdamaki, the decision on transition to the new technics is accepted company board of directors in May of this year. Flights Silt - 76, our base till now the plane, are forbidden to Europe. Therefore, not to lose the existing market and to master new, the decision on the beginning of operation Boeing 747 " was accepted; - has explained a top - the manager.

details of acquisition Boeing 747 in the company have refused to inform, having referred to a trade secret. It is known only that it is a question of a second-hand car 20 - summer age. According to the interlocutor close to Tesisu the plane has been got at company Israel Aircraft Industries converting passenger Boeing in the cargo.

till now the only thing ekspluatantom cargo Boeing 747 was airline Volga - Dnepr three years ago begun the project on performance of cargo regular transportations by planes of this type under brand AirBridge Cargo. Now in its park four planes Boeing 747. Project start has begun with negative financial results, however this year is planned to finish with profit. on the one hand it is possible to be glad that the Russian business extends - the vice-president of a group of companies " speaks; Volga - Dnepr Sergey Shkljannik. By an estimation Volga - Dnepr the Russian companies occupy now only 1,4 % of the world market of the regular freight traffic estimated in $60 billion On the other hand, mister Shkljannik marks, the increase provoznyh capacities anyway will strengthen a competition between domestic gruzoperevozchikami.

However, a source close to Tesisu asserts that at its car the limited resource of engines - on ones and a half - two years of operation. Then their modernisation or installation new is required that will manage approximately in $5 million for one engine (all at Boeing 747 their four). According to the interlocutor, it will make impossible a project recoupment. The same data have in one of the Russian airlines. We will notice that the decision on the beginning of operation Boeing 747 has coincided with leaving from Tesisa its general director Vladimir Ardasheva who have counted the project insufficiently worked and nesoglasivshegosja with a policy of the basic shareholder whom businessman Alexey Kuimov is considered.

Officially in the company the information on a low resource of engines do not confirm. certainly, this plane not from building berths Boeing. However it was in hands of one owner, at us encouraging arrangements on its maintenance service - Victor Gajdamaka has informed, having specified that at Tesisa there are plans on expansion of park Boeing 747.