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The gas stock exchange will help electric power industry

On Friday head Minpromenergo Victor Khristenko has informed on experiment expansion on exchange trade in gas: by the end of the next year volumes of the auctions will grow three times - to 30 mlrd cubic m, instead of to 10 mlrd cubic m, predictably earlier. According to analysts, the government intends to reduce a tariff segment of the market of gas at the expense of trade at the noncontrollable prices.
new parametres of the market are connected with an exit on the European models of formation of the price for gas. Such models only two: long-term contracts and spotovyj the market - Victor Khristenko has declared. Within the next few days the platform for the exchange auctions by gas which becomes " will be confirmed; a daughter Gazprom Mezhregiongaz . The auctions will begin in the end of current year and at first will be conducted for a month forward, then for ten days forward and, at last, per day forward. At first within the limits of experiment (the scheme 5+5 ) It was supposed to sell at a stock exchange to 10 mlrd cubic m of gas (5 mlrd independent manufacturers sell, as much again sells Gazprom ) . Yesterday the minister has assumed that by the end of the next year volumes of the auctions will grow to 30 mlrd cubic m, that is not to 1,5 % from annual extraction, and to approximately 5 %. We will remind, following the results of 2005 extraction of natural gas in Russia has made 636 mlrd cubic m.

It is supposed that the exchange auctions become the tool, capable to draw price reference points for the conclusion of long-term contracts with industrial consumers. At the first stage long-term contracts will consist for three years with a gradual exit for longer terms. The price for gas on them will be defined by the certain base rate which changes will be adhered to changes of market price of a basket of energy carriers. The base rate remains a state regulation subject. Mister Khristenko has explained that its size will be defined the public contract between suppliers and consumers with the assistance of the state .

By 2015 of the price for gas for industrial consumers should reach the European level, minus the customs duties and a transport component. this price anyway will be on 40 % more low, than to Germany, and this our natural advantage - head Minpromenergo has declared. These prices will concern 75 % of consumption of gas. The population will be on - former to pay under adjustable tariffs.

increase of the internal prices for gas is necessary for an exit from an energy crisis which it is necessary to face Russia. the period of regenerative growth of economy which was based on existing capacities, has ended. Qualitatively other growth to which the power has appeared has begun is not ready. It is necessary to stimulate only power savings and to modernise power stations that is impossible without increase in the price at gas - Tatyana Mitrova has told the head of Institute of power researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Expansion of trade by gas at free prices - a way to reduce an adjustable segment of the market of gas and to balance power. today there is an adequate mechanism of transposition of the growing prices in tariffs for the electric power. The scheme offered by the government will be favourable both gazovikam, and energetikam: have bought gas at a stock exchange, have developed the electric power, have sold at the noncontrollable price. The gas price thus, of course, will grow up, but it will be all the same cheaper, than to burn down black oil - the head of department of information policy NP " has declared; the Manager of trading system (the operator of market NOREM) Sergey Pikin.