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Bus falling in a ditch has led to death of passengers

Yesterday management of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan has informed details of the failure which have occurred on Friday evening near Kazan. The trip bus of Mercedes-Benz with 46 passengers has fallen in a ditch with 8 - metre height and has turned over, two, 16 persons as a result were lost are injured. According to preliminary data, at the bus brakes have refused. However representatives of the owner of the bus - the Kazan Open Society PATP - 1 - assure that the technics of the enterprise before flight passes strict control . IBDD, the passenger bus of Mercedes-Benz has left from the Kazan road service station under the schedule (approximately in 16. 30 - ). It carried out flight Kazan-Kamsko - Ustinsky area. On 31 - an ohm line kilometre, near to settlement Tenki where the road goes under a bias, the bus was not entered in turn. It has taken out on an oncoming traffic strip. On full speed, having punched a metal protection, it has moved down with 8 - a metre slope in a ditch and has turned over on the left side. Eyewitnesses dorozhno - the transport incident, passing by, have caused employees of traffic police, first aid and rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. As a result of failure two pensioners going in the bus - 64 - the summer man and 61 - the summer woman - from the received traumas have died on the spot incidents. Various traumas have received 16 persons - basically those who in expectation of the stop in Tenkah stood in bus pass. Nearby 10 persons in a grave condition have been hospitalised in the central regional hospital Kamsko - Ustinsky area.
in UGIBDD while check the version of a cause of accident on the basis of indications 46 - summer bus driver Gataullina. He asserts that at the car at descent from mountain the brake system has refused. The driver has told to inspectors that tried to brake before turn, but the brake pedal has unexpectedly failed in a floor . According to department of propagation UGIBDD, the bus driver was sober and went with observance of a high-speed mode. The road covering where there was a failure, was asphalt, equal and dry. The driver has more than 20 years of the professional experience. The coupon of checkup of the bus, according to traffic police, is not delayed.
yesterday the assistant to general director PATP - 1 on operation of transport Albert Davletshin was not accessible to comments. One of its colleagues, not wished to name the name, has informed that all buses at the enterprise before each flight pass strict technical control . In its opinion, the had an accident bus was it is absolutely serviceable before departure, and from breakages on a line nobody is insured . All technics, under the statement of employee PATP, always passes in time the state checkup and that is called, to buy The checkup coupon on the trip bus unlike such coupons on automobile cars it is impossible.
physicians yet do not inform On a state of health of victims. According to a source, one of passengers of the bus - 28 - the summer girl had to amputate a foot. Whether criminal case upon failure is brought - it is not known. In department of propagation UGIBDD have informed that now there is an investigation. In particular, bus autotechnical expert appraisal is appointed. It will give the exact data about a condition of its brake system, a steering and a running gear. Under the forecasts, all investigatory actions will occupy not less than month.
Andrey Smirnov