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The Oryol public prosecutor will look after for   supervisors

Yesterday it became known about transfer of Oryol regional public prosecutor Sergey Kudeneeva into a post of the head of department on supervision of legality of execution of criminal punishments of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. According to observers, having stayed the Oryol public prosecutor less than year, he has had time to spend personnel cleaning and redistribution of functions in department, however has not proved in fight against corruption and supervision of legality observance. As they say in the message of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, Sergey Kudeneev is dismissed by the order of public prosecutor Yury Chajki of the public prosecutor of the Oryol region and appointed by the head of department of the State Office of Public Prosecutor. It is entrusted to mister Kudeneevu to supervise over which division, neither in regional, nor in general Offices of Public Prosecutor have not specified. However, according to the source in law enforcement bodies, Sergey Kudeneev has headed management on supervision of legality of execution of criminal punishments. Now and. An island The regional public prosecutor its first deputy Valery Opalkov is.

Sergey Kudeneeva to a post of the Oryol regional public prosecutor has appointed in November of last year of that time and. An island of the public prosecutor Yury Birjukov. Until mister Kudeneev held a post of the public prosecutor of Mordovia. Its transfer quite answered the requirement on rotation of the managerial personnel on the places, established eks - public prosecutor Vladimir Ustinovym. If in Mordovia Sergey Kudeneev was remembered as the fighter with the gangsterism, promoted a discharge strained kriminogennoj conditions in Saransk in the Eagle the regional Office of Public Prosecutor under its management did not initiate especially loud criminal cases connected with the organised crime.

however in an operating time of mister Kudeneeva in the Eagle the big corruption scandal has burst. Past spring the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has raised criminal cases concerning the head of department of building and resursoenergosberezhenija regional administrations, eks - the mayor of the Eagle Alexander Kisljakova and of some other officials a rank more low on charges in bribery. However, operation on exposure of officials was spent by field investigators of central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Central federal district, and mister Kudeneev, according to the source in law enforcement bodies, during that moment long time was on the sick-list.

known Oryol legal expert Dmitry Krajuhin admitted that Sergey Kudeneev has not justified its hopes. after couple of weeks after appointment he has offered us cooperation, but further business has not promoted - it has complained, having added that the regional public prosecutor could not even understand with regular infringement of the rights of citizens on a freedom of assembly. In region, mister Krajuhin has explained, protest meetings under the most ridiculous pretexts like " are constantly forbidden; discrepancies of actions to local traditions .

the Leader of the Oryol branch the Native land and the regional co-ordinator of National anticorruption committee Marina Ivashina, on the contrary, has noted a number of the positive moments in activity of the regional public prosecutor. In its opinion, mister Kudeneev has started personnel cleaning and redistribution of functions between employees, that to break the interdepartmental clans which have developed to it lobbying interests of local authorities . As an example it has resulted leaving from the posts of the former public prosecutors of the Soviet and Oryol areas of Anatoly Kuleshov and Victor Aliev, which insufficiently actively watched legality observance .

At Sergey Kudeneeve in the Eagle rigid opposition between the regional and city authorities, caused by election in March Alexander Kasyanov`s who has been in opposition adjusted in relation to a command of governor Egor Stroev mayor has begun. The City Council under control to the regional authorities became the basic field on which confrontation was developed. However mister Kudeneev did not begin to take someone`s part. According to the chief regional it is information - Sergey Fefelova`s analytical management, the regional administration does not have claims to Sergey Kudeneevu. As the chairman of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the City Council Nikolay Lazarev, the regional public prosecutor in opposition of the city and regional authorities in any way has noted itself has not shown.

Andrey Chervakov